Thursday, February 12, 2009

I won!!!

I just arrived home minutes ago, and yes, here I sit on the computer..bad girl! Actually DH phoned to say he would be late so I thought I would check glad I did. I found that I won one of Nellie Durand's sweet birds from the OWOH giveaway. Since AU is a day ahead, I got notice today while I was away. I can't believe it.Isn't she beautiful!!! Purple and pink!!!!!
I didn't enter very many because honestly, I haven't had time. I am so excited. I just love her birds with the long legs.
I will catch up later, I'm off for a short bike ride. Now I am pumped up to ride 30 miles!!!
Thank you Nellie!!!


  1. Pat... You lucky girl!!
    I love these birds too. Congratulations on winning one..
    I'm like you I didn't enter very many as it took too much time!
    Did you enter mine? You have til 10 pm ;-}

  2. What a cute little darling. I love birds!!Lucky you Pat. Surprises are wonderful aren't they?Have a happy weekend.

  3. Pat, I'm pleased this bird will be flying to a good home.

  4. Congratulations to you! Speaking of winning giveaway gifts... I finally posted the arrival of the Little Blue Coat girl I won in your January drawing! She helped me pick the winner of my OWOH giveaway! The winner was a lady in Oregon who really wants to learn to tat. So cute! Come and see! :)

  5. hi pat
    that bird is fantastic!!
    luck girl:)
    i am now following nellies blog thanks to you
    enjoy that cutie
    enjoy your day


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