Saturday, February 28, 2009

I see a sign of Spring! Ramblings.

As I look out my studio window on the second floor of my home, I see directly in front of me, something tiny, white, and heart warming as it can be.Could it be? What I see is the delicate fuzzy pussy willow buds just starting to open . Soon the pussy willow stems will be filled with white dots and I will hear a low buzzing from thousands of bees swarming the tree. Spring will soon be here and dreams of sandy feet, warm sun,and the life returning to my garden have filled my thoughts.

I used to envy my brother living in Hawaii and those living in one or two season climates, but as I grow older I have learned that those of us who have four seasons get to experience it all.

I am thankful to be able to play in the snow and making a snowman then run in for hot tea or cocoa in the Winter.

I am thankful for a magical first hand view of bare ground pushing forth green life in Spring, filling my garden with fresh color and soft grass.

I'm thankful for the relaxing walks along Lake Michigan kicking up warm sand and jumping the waves from previously frozen water in Summer.

I am thankful for experiencing the beautiful color changes of our leaves and the familiar smell of honey and apples in a nearby tree in Autumn.

I would miss any of these season's if I could no longer live here. I am still anxious for warmer weather so I can step into the garden bare foot and dig into the soil with no gloves on. I can't wait to return the furniture to the garden and enjoy visits from friends and quiet stitching time. I can't wait to jump on my bicycle and pedal off in search of sweet scents of lilac while hearing birds chirp and the crisp sound of the fine loose gravel as my tires roll down each country road. That is a sound I never tire of. My first memory of that gentle sound was on a Summer day when I wasn't old enough to ride a two wheel bike yet and my father balanced me across the frame of his Schwinn bike as my family took a long afternoon ride. My brother's racing each other along the way. Stopping at the long gone, tiny country store for a cold soda and a Hostess cupcake. Those were the kind of memories I keep tucked away. Living in the country has blessed me with such memories. It has kept my family close and taught us so much more about appreciating the simple things in life. Sorry to ramble on. When memories flood, I must jot them down.

My sis (Sister In Spirit)brought a friend over to visit yesterday. It was nice to meet Danette who shares a love of antique shops and old things. She enjoyed seeing my work and hopefully Brenda , with a little help from me, will influence her to try crazy quilting. Another CQ victim.........
We shall see.

The other day I gathered my treasures from Gypsy Feather and placed them in an old jar for safe keeping. Also to remind me I need to get my purple purse made. I'm enjoying the display of purple.

I had better whip up a meal for DH before he comes hunting for me,LOL. I hope to have my 4th puzzle piece finished this evening. Tomorrow afternoon it is open studio time at Sue's!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What a lovely stash of goodies you have! WOW!
    I wanted to say that the puzzle pieces on the previous post are so lovely!
    I am afraid to comment on that post because I don't want to mislead you again into thinking that I'm intending to participate as I never did intend that. I'm afraid I commented on the first post saying I thought it was a lovely idea... and LO AND BEHOLD... there I am on the list! So no more commenting on certain posts for me!
    I will, however, enjoy watching the exchange and the photos! I always admire your work, Pat! :)

  2. Thanks for posting this lovely list of things you are thankful for today! Where I live, the snow is still heavy on the ground and spring is months away! I needed this reminder that it is coming!

    I also love the wonderful ways you display your finds to use on crazy quilts! It is inspiring to see a jar of goodies like that!


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