Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good morning!

Good morning everyone. The sunrise this morning is pretty,I love the soft yet deep tones. It isn't spectacular, but always a beautiful sight. While the sun was rising in the front of my home.....

....the moon was headed to bed in the back. I snapped this photo through the huge old shagbark hickory tree.
Last night I played around with metal and vintage children. When I am in between sewing projects it is great to have something totally different to work on. I cut several of them out with only one metal splinter!! Not to sand edges, embellish and finish off.

Just to prove I do make messes, and this is just a mild one, here ya go...

When I was running errands Tuesday I found the new issue of Artful Blogger!!! I have it on the great soldering and jewelry books Sue loaned me for a few hours of soaking in inspiration and eye candy. This is a whole pot of tea worth of reading!!! Tonight!!!!

I gotta go, I'm headed to South Bend with a friend and then to LaPorte's ,House of Stitches to pick up my new threads I had ordered. See ya later and have a great day!


  1. I recognize that soldering book under there! It is one of my favorites!

  2. Love to see pics of people's creating in mid flow!!As a teacher, my classroom would look like a bomb had hit it while we were doing our art. Then we would have a great big clean-up. I'd trained the ch'n so didn't need to do the Big Rant to get them to do it.

  3. Oh Pat, can I come and play in your room? It looks dreamy !! I probably would never want to leave :-)

  4. Love the photographs of your studio and creative play, Pat. But what caught my eye was the "BLING!" {We must be part, "Magpies!" my friend because I cannot resists little trinkets, treasures, and beads either, LOL!}


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