Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fun!!! INspiring!!!!Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Studio tour......

Friday a friend emailed me about Gail Schmidt's studio tour video. I briefly watched it because I was on the phone while checking email, and the volume wasn't on, so I wasn't sure what I was seeing. I just now took some time to watch it in it's entirety and was very honored to see the little pouch I made her was among the artwork from admirers on her wall. WOW! That is so cool. Gail, as you know is multi talented. Not only does she encourage and inspire with her monthly challenge, "Mind Wide Open", but she taught me a lot in her digital workshop last month. She has a very giving spirit and it shows in everything she does. I'd love to be a fly on her studio wall when she is creating.

You have to check out her beautiful studio.She has been working on it for a while, and I know she is loving her new space...who wouldn't? It is refreshing! I love the color and also the way she organizes her stash...neat yet out in the open...for easy access. I used to cringe when my studio visitors would comment about how it looked like a store in there. I immediately thought they meant I was showing off what I had, and of course that is not what they meant. Those darn compliments....always making me uncomfortable. Anyway, I am now even more comfortable with my stash on display because honestly, if I can't see it, I won't use it. I know it looks cluttered, way too colorful at times, but it is a studio. As Gail states, "It is a working studio" things must be handy when needed. I don't have the fancy storage furniture, or a vintage armoire to store things away. I use the inexpensive plastic clear drawers on wheels and keep on stacking!
If I can figure out how to upload my video from my camera, I will share a tour as well. I just learned to take videos with it a week or so ago, so I'm still learning.

Thanks Gail for allowing us to visit your studio. It is a perfect place to create!


  1. Pat I hope you will do a video. From the pictures in your book it will be delightful to see the video. Sharon

  2. I'm chuckling here Pat. I stopped by to see what you were up to and you were talking about me! LOL Thanks for your sweet words, they were appreciated. You know I love my bag!

  3. Pat,

    I'm so glad you had the time to watch!! It was so much fun, I was sitting here by myself with little Ruby sitting on my lap watching it. Then all of a sudden Rubyand I were bouncing up and down saying That's my blog sister Pat, That's my blog sister Pat!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico


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