Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fourth night light complete.

Another restless sleep. I think I was so hyped up over yesterdays warm temps and I was anticipating another beautiful day today so my body and mind didn't want to waste time sleeping.
Anyway, my usual routine for insomnia is CREATING! Which is why I finished the fourth nightlight. This aqua and brown shade is not so "fussy" as the others, but I love the soothing appearance. It makes you want to yawn.....well, perhaps that is from my lack of sleep?????

The sweet little girl slumbering in the sepia photo is perfect for a night light.
Of course she is also dreaming of Spring flowers and chirping birds so I filled her dreams with silk ribbon flowers, vintage flocked flowers and a delicate pale aqua vintage butterfly with swarovski crystal eyes. The aqua and cocoa fabrics reflect her peaceful state. I trimmed the shade in a beautiful aqua and brown beaded and braided trim.

Well now I must clean up my mess and gather items to pack for my play date this afternoon. I'm not sure what I want to take.....some new books for future project project?????metal work????sewing???oh dear, this will take a while, I had better get busy. Fingers crossed for another beautiful day!


  1. That is so sweet! :) These night lights are really something special.

  2. Love your lights.. Beautiful!
    Feeling guilty, I sleep while you were busy creating...
    thanks for the inspirations.
    I do feel rested, so maybe today will be a day for a creation as well.

  3. Very pretty, Pat. That buttefly (or is it a dragonfly) is beautiful.

  4. Oh Pat it's just beautiful. What a wonderful idea:)

  5. Nightlights My Dear Pat ~ are officially (spelling???) one of your TOP signiture pieces!
    No doubt ~ lot's of us will be trying this but this is really yours and yours alone!!!!
    What a great artistic mind!
    ps ~ i'm off to NYC alone tomorrow. I am having a little bit of "nerves" about it ~ not like me ~ so pray for a safe trip for me!
    Jaci will be joining me Tues. night and we'll stay over till Wends.I will be happy to get home and see who my winner is for One World!!!

  6. Pat..I love your nightlights. This is the first time I have seen them. gorgeous. You always do such lovely work, no matter what it is!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I, too, have never seen these before. Just gorgeous. May have to try one for my grandaughters, they would love it.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  8. I went back and looked at all of them. How wonderful they are, Pat. Looks like at least some of your work is still with cq. =)

  9. Soon, Pat! Soon it will be warm enough for beach combing! I wonder if your sleeplessness has something to do with the full moon coming? I experience restless nights several nights before it's full. Sometimes I toss and turn and other times I go in the studio too. When I just really want to get INTO a project, I sometimes lie in bed and my mind goes over and over how I want to make it when I get to the project and it isn't always possible to get up and do it NOW! Not enough hours in the day!
    Sleep tight tonight!

  10. Love your creations and I feel sure I need a nightlight-will wait for the right colors to come through. Thank you for your inspiration and kind words to encourage a new CQer and blogger.

  11. Hello Pat, missed you at Mind wide open. Taking a rest?
    Hard picture I thought, not very clear. Anyway, love the nightlites, I have done them and have not made any for a while. Finding them is difficult here.
    Yours are so pretty, lots of patience, and to think you can work on them in the night! I am enjoying the silk ribbon from Xmas. So soft and pretty. Thanks again for the lovely colors.
    aloha Lilla

  12. Wow, how beautiful these are Pat!!!!!

  13. Wow, how beautiful these are Pat!!!!!

  14. Adoreable night light. I bet your entire house is just AMAZING!


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