Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Finished Shabby night light

I just listed my first Shabby Cottage item in my etsy shop. I finished the little pink,mint,and cream night light. I want to keep it,LOL. I love how the little girl image glows when lit. Such a soft detailed image. What a sweet photo. I have no idea what the little girl was holding, but I thought she should have a bouquet of pale pink silk ribbon roses.

I'm off to finish up the other night light. It looks a bit more vintage.....having fun on this snowy day. All the snow blowing DH did this morning and you can't even tell! By the way.....he stayed home today :-)

See ya later...tater!


  1. Pat@MyTatteredElegance4:18 PM CST

    Gorgeous Pat, I think I'm your biggest fan. Just love all that pretty work. I just adore victorian things.

  2. Pat this is so beautiful!! You ahve inspired me to consider trying some sil ribbon embroidery. I ahv erecently made 10 heart quilties some with my elbellisher some a s simple CQ design- not nearly as glorious as your work, but a start!! Thank you so much for your inspiration! We have so much in common I too ahve a shared passion for my garden and do everything the organic way- I too can't wiat to plunge my bare hands into the soil!! Spring is coming despite all of your buckets of snow!!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! I would love something like that. Hmmm... :)

  4. Pat, everything you do is lovely.... This nite light is beautiful... You are such an inspiration... Thanks so much...
    (24 below here!!!!! Lots of snow, but rain predicted for Sat! Honestly. can't seem to decide!
    Sounds like you are getting your share too... Do you hear restless daffodils?? I do! ;-})

  5. It is gorgeous Pat, love the night light!

  6. Very pretty. I'm not surprised that you would think of this.

    I also wanted to wish you the best in exploring your new creative adventures.

    Watch out for that SNOW~~~


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