Friday, February 13, 2009

Already broke the pact.....oh dear!

Yesterday was sunny and a perfect day for a short road trip. Mrs. B has been wanting to check out the Joann fabric store in South Bend for a while because they usually have a great selection of Dupioni, and I was anxious to get my hands on my new threads I had ordered a few weeks ago. Thanks to my friend Karen, I discovered Rachaelette by Caron.

They have to be the most beautiful fibers/threads I have seen....aside from my beloved Kreinik metallics that is.

My excuse to go to Joann's was to find more red fabrics for a purse I am making for a lovely lady who loves red.This is what arrived home with me....

Well???? There is a red fabric in there.

Then I grabbed the new issue of Somerset Life at Barnes. Another rich, inspiring,yummy indulgence of which I have been paging through all morning.

So,what pact did I break and how did I break it? Well, my two new kindred spirits made a pact to not buy any more stuff and use what they had, I asked to join because as many of you know, we have all we will ever need in our stash to supply a small country. So I wonder, is it an addiction? I am not usually one to buy for the sake of a shopping outing. So this makes me think I am a stashaholic. Granted, I do send off a lot of RAOK gifties, but that cannot excuse my need for new stash.

Anyway, today Sue is having an open studio play day...all day.There will be creative souls in and out throughout the day. I am almost afraid to face Wendy and Sue and admit I have broken the pact in only a few days. I am sure to be kicked out, possibly tarred and feathered. Perhaps I can sneak in bearing gifts? I am making little Valentine goodie bags for everyone.....

Maybe I'll walk in with a huge smile? Or maybe I will roll in the dirt and tell them I fell so they will have pity on me and not think twice about my confession? Or maybe......I will keep my mouth shut? Hmmmmmmmm works for me.
Have a great day. I hope to have some pics to share from today.


  1. I'm in the same boat. There's no place to store new fabric and most of what I use in my work comes out of the scrap bags. BUT, new stuff has to come into the mix now and then. It can spark an idea or/and enthusiasm. PLUS it could have colors or design patterns that will be on the market for a limited time. There, is that enough procrastination?

    PS: the letters that came up for word verification spells "fated". Now surely, that's sign.

  2. Oh well. Tell 'em you were kidnapped and had to buy something in order to escape! They should believe that, right? I nearly fainted the other day when I figured out how much DMC thread there is in this house...and that's not to mention the yard and fabric. Yikes!

  3. Several years ago when I was stewing about buying some new tatting shuttles and thread and pattern books, my sister ever so sweetly informed me that this was my passion, something I loved doing, and I did not need to justify it.

    What I find now is that it is easy for me to give some of the old stuff away. Now that I've got more thread, shuttles and patterns than I could use in a couple of lifetimes, it's easier for me to go through them and choose what I want to work with and what I want to pass on. I always wanted to hang on to stuff because it used to be so hard to come by. And - I enjoy mixing mediums, melding the old with the new and creating something brank new.

    I suspect your friends will be wildly jealous. (if they haven't broken down themselves already!)

  4. Oh well, you can come to my house! I busted the same pact I made with myself...and more than ONCE~!!

    I'm my own economic stimulus package...I know my purchase at the knitting store yesterday helped them make rent this month....that's how bad I've busted it...

    To me, you're in the kindergarten bustin' it group...

  5. You can blame it on me. Tell them I send threatening letters to people who do not keep their stash up to date. I am good at that. Love your fabrics. Sharon

  6. Ha ha! I have to agree with Sharon Chapman! Keep that stash up to date! Actually - I decided to only buy fabric to finish projects I have in progress. Then I went to a new-to-me quilt shop and of course could not resist!!

  7. Too funny! I think it is an addiction, for me, I'm happy with it. Could be so much worse!

    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


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