Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland.....

Yesterday morning I ventured to town to drop my quilt off at the Art Center since the quilt meeting was canceled because of the bitter cold and snow. We haven't had bread in the house for three days so that was really why I went out in this weather,LOL. The roads weren't too bad, mainly because no one was out except one except my crazy friend Karen down the road. She stopped by to show me her Comfort Dolls she has been enjoying creating. I have to say, she puts mine to shame. She even made mermaids. They are really cute, and I can see she is loving to decorate them with beautiful stitching. Karen takes the doll projects with her on road trips to keep boredom away. Way to go Karen!!

So....I ran in to Wiseway to get a Fannie May Valentine pixie( to surprise Karen with since I found a lovely stash of fabric on my front seat when I got in...she must have snuck it in there while I was dressing)and numerous other items not on my list...argh!

Then I drove by the church resale shop and surprisingly found it open. Well, I couldn't pass that opportunity up so I stopped. I found some tiny seashells for Karen to add to her stash for her mermaids, and a neat white feather tree which I discovered was sold :-(

Next stop was the Art Center which I was happy to see open. I handed over my quilt and headed sidetracked...went to the hardware store and bought brass and tin sheets for stamping, then went to Walgreens. Why Walgreens? I have no idea! I rarely go there. I wandered around, looked at magazines, and found a new perfume by Nautica ,"my voyage",and it smells like the seashore and Summer, and I stood there inhaling with flooding memories of my beach strolls and mermaid sand and bright sunshine....ok, you get the idea. I sprayed my wrist to see how well it wears. Some perfumes only last minutes, and I hate wasting money on those.
I dropped off the goodies at Karen's on my way home, checked the mail and found more Comfort Dolls.
After settling in, I decided to catch up on the doll project.Many new dolls and three shelter letters arrived the past two weeks. Well, my brand new black ink cartridge was not being recognized by the printer so I couldn't even scan the letters from shelters because with a 3 in 1 printer, no ink means no work!
After removing the ink and replacing it what seemed to be 100 times, I phoned Office Max. At first they said, no recpiet, no exchange. Now a few years ago I would have accepted that, but after seeing the world as it really is,and the price of ink, I asked to speak to the manager and told her I only buy my ink there, and I had no reason to keep a month old reciept since I never had previous problems. She gave in and I took off to exchange it...before they forgot about it.Although dreading a trip to Mich City, I knew it had to be done.

After that was taken care of , on my way back to Chesterton I was proud of my accomplishment so I stoped at Walgreen's and bought the perfume. Can you imagine my delight when I discovered I got a free large body lotion with it??? Cool!
I couldn't wait to take a bath last night and slather on the lotion.

This morning the cleared driveway is just a memory. DH spent an hour out there after work yesterday with the snow blower only to have it filled again. I love to see freshly plowed driveways. They look so inviting with the high snow lined sides so neatly edged, welcoming you to the back door. It is so beautiful out today, and I am happy to know I will be staying in just looking out now and then.


  1. Pat, I just loved this post. I was right there traveling with you. I love how you treated yourself to the perfume after your drive to retrieve new ink. Your pictures are gorgeous. Picture me making snow angels, giggling, and waving at you from that last picture. I love the snow ( for awhile!). Have agreat day!! Sharon

  2. Dear Pat,
    It is so hard for me to imagine snow like you are having where you live. Good on you for sticking to your guns and getting the new ink!I like your "chatty" style Blog. I love to see how other people live. Aren't Blogs fabulous things!!
    P.S. found more half done "pin dolls", finishing them off. They will be good for making up a dozen every now and then.

  3. Good on you that you decided to get the perfume. How lovely to exchange surprises with friends like Karen. What a view from you window. I will take a photo of my view and show you what it's like at my home in January.

  4. Such a lovely post, Pat! Your beautiful photos brought back so many memories of the years I spent in Cleveland, Ohio in the wintertime.

    That perfume sounds awesome -- hmmm, maybe I need to check it out, too . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  5. Oh, I wish for a Winter Wonderland! And the snow on your blog makes it just perfect!!!!


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