Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Comforts

Our Winter months seem so long and it is hard to stay indoors without losing your mind. Having to dress in layers and wool coats makes it hard to move freely. The freezing dry air robs every ounce of moisture from your body. You wake up in darkness and retire for the evening in darkness. Birds don't sing, crickets don't chirp, frogs do not serenade.....complete dead silence surrounds you as snow and ice blankets your world for several months. The only green to be seen is from the evergreens I planted years ago.You have no choice most days, but to stay indoors, so you deal with it.It helps to have good friends who brighten your day.
I try to keep busy stitching as you know, however I do have other secret " Winter Comforts" I would like to share with you. These favorite things comfort the body, soul,and mind. Enjoy!

For the BODY I enjoy~

cozy sock slippers that are ultra soft and cute....
my newest find, Romance wrist warmers....
exercise videos...I choose Pilates......
yummy scented body lotion from Victoria's Secret to slather on after a bubble bath......
bees wax lip balm with coconut oils every morning and for purse too!
fleece sheets..(not flannel) between these sheets, you feel wrapped in a warm hug...
For MIND I enjoy~
the newest reading materials...I just received Judith Baker Montano's newest booklet....
vanilla scented candle always comforts...the inexpensive Glade candles work fine for this........

For the SOUL my chosen comforts are~
Echinacea tea from Celestial Seasonings..My favorite for so many years.........
honey... We had our own hives growing up and the fresh honey comb was such a treat.....
chewy,spicy,hot,ginger chews from The Ginger People......
raspberry drops...I learned to love raspberry drops from my dad who always had a pocket full...
Those items keep my body,mind,and soul happy during the cold winds,long nights,and short snowy days of Winter as I dream and pray for Spring to arrive.Won't you share your Winter Comforts?


  1. It looks like I don't pamper myself enough. :) Just green tea, and cuddle in a blanket when it is cold. I am so ready for spring!
    I am thankful we only received several small batches of snow and ice and we still have electricty.

  2. Pat,
    I am so excited to own a piece of your art! I'm in LA right now and I'm afraid to say it is about 80 degrees!
    You would never know it is the middle of winter here. I can't hear frogs of crickets either but I can assure you it is not scilent!
    Saturday is the RED PARTY for Life Through ART Foundation. Jenny Doh is being honored, I come down each year as the Event Designer.
    This is so exciting to hear about my new "inner child". Can't wait to touch her. Keep warm.

  3. Having trouble with the e-mail on this computer. I'll send an addy later ok?

  4. I love not Earl Grey Tea, my fleecy warm cover up jacket, some stitching in my hands, or a good book, and warm slippers to keep my toes toasty. Yes, me too, I am ready for Spring!

  5. Good Morning Pat,

    Like you there were so many years of "body, mind, and soul" comforts to get through the long cold, dark winters. :( I am soooooooo BLESSED to now be able to wake each morning to my life long dream of living here!! Where winter means you put a sweater on in the evenings :)

    Take care dear friend, hang in there as they (some day I'm going to find "they")there is no spring without a winter. Any time winter gets to be to much drop by for a dose of sunshine and a glass of fresh squeezed limonada :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  6. Pat,

    I keep meaning to tell you that Gail has done a very cool video of her remodeled studio and while she is touring around she shows off one of your faerie purses!! :)
    If you haven't seen it here is the link to her blog

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  7. I'd add a good book to your list and lots of music. I love the way music can cheer you up on the gloomiest of days. Hang in there, Pat, spring's a comin'.

  8. Pat@MyTatteredElegance2:41 PM CST

    Hi Pat~
    Hang in there, spring will be here before we know it. It will be sooner for me because I older and time goes faster the older you get. teehee
    Where did you find Judith's book. I have several of her books, but that looks good. Love all your comforts.

  9. Pat,
    I am totally with you here. I'm sick of snow! The only good thing is snowshoeing has been great. I would however give this up for warm weather. Some comforts I would add to your list is a bubble bath with milk and honey bubble from Bath & Body Works. A nice new magazine to read while soaking and an iced mocha.

  10. Thanks for sharing your comforts everyone. Pattie, I just went to see Gail's studio. How nice, and I did see the little purse :-) Thanks for letting me know.


  11. Hi Pat, I am so thrilled that our newest Judith Baker Montano release is comforting you during these chilly winter days. C&T Publishing would love to feature any projects you create from the book on our blog Thanks and stay warm-Megan Wisniewski, Media Relations for C&T Publishing.


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