Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unexpected very fun day!!!!

Yesterday I had such a fun day. The night before I had told DH I needed to create, and no one would be able to pull me out of my studio on Saturday. Well, obviously I lied....I didn't mean to really.
It all started from reading my email, when I learned of an artist who didn't live far from me, Beth Bricker. I visited her blog and saw tempting and wonderful things. We exchanged emails, and she invited me to meet her at one of my favorite bead shops in MI, Trade Winds. DH had errands and tasks to do, so I decided I had to take her up on the offer. The trip wasn't far, approximately an hour, but I hate to take fun trips alone so I made phone calls to friends I though would be interested. Jill took me up on the offer and off we went.
Although it was cold, the sun was shining, and made for a pleasant trip....that is until we were half way there and entered a snow storm....twice. Weird! We ventured on and arrived at Trade Winds. Beth was waiting with a smile on her face. What a nice woman she is. She is bubbly, so creative, and friendly as can be. After we gathered some beads and such, Beth shared some of her creations with us. Her jewelry is fun, creative, beautiful, and things I want. :-) She also shared her Valentine box which was so neat, and filled with wonderful treasures. The recipient will be gobsmacked when she receives it! Beth also had altered books to share which made me want to go home and create. I shared the few CQ items I had made . Jill and I made possible plans to take a class from Beth on making a necklace we fell in love with. That will be so fun.
I did get a picture, which surprised me because although I take my camera places, I usually forget to use it because I talk too much and forget. I forgot to use my flash, but this is the lovely lady I had the good fortune to meet, Beth...don't look, but Jill is perusing beads in the far right corner. Thanks for the invite Beth. It was a pleaure to meet you and hope we can play soon.

After Beth departed, we browsed a bit more, made our purchases and headed out to find a food source. I thought we could find a deli or something in St. Joe, so we stopped there. I wish it would have been warmer so we could walk the, not that way ...although that could have possibly paid for our beads...LOL. (Just kidding) That certainly would not have paid for our beads....;-0

We stopped in an Art Gallery which was filled with artsy crafty things made by local artists. I spotted beaded art dolls much like the ones from Veleta and Grace. I was not at all surprised at the price because I know the work involved. I was glad to see them priced appropriately . A few doors down we entered a Chinese restaurant and enjoyed hot tea and a yummy lunch before we headed home. It really was a fun day meeting a new artist/friend, and hanging with a bud. Especially when it was unexpected!

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