Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Am I going to have fun or what? Thank you Terri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sweet friend, Terri from Connecticut sent me and mom puzzles!!!! It is strange how this happened, and I will have to explain latter. I am running late because of my puzzle working addiction. It is like reading a book to me, or working on a CQ project. I cannot stop until finished. However I am supposed to be at moms this morning, then I am stopping by the Art Center to view my CQ on display. I feel funny about going to see it, but I think it would be nice to show up to see it since they were kind enough to want to display it. The staff is very pleasant, so it should be fine.
Anyway check this out~~~~~~~It all started with this....I started it in the kitchen...bad idea. 20 minutes later....the border was done....then it was time to watch," The Closer". I just had to watch the new episode...drats!!!.....this morning I woke up and ran downstairs, had oatmeal while working the puzzle. Isn't it beautiful?Purple ribbon flowers, Victorian beauty, lace...oh goodness what bliss! I have never seen a puzzle like this and I am loving it.Thank you so much Terri. I am sorry I posted before writing you privately...I will write this evening ;-)


  1. Oh you poor thing! I won't even get near a puzzle!!! I am as bad as you...I can not stop until it is all done.

  2. This is too funny. Seeing you do a regular jigsaw puzzle at the same time you are organizing a fabric puzzle piece exchange is hilarious!

  3. I am so glad there is another person that loves the Closer!!

    My husband and I used to keep a puzzle going when we worked different shifts. I would work it while he was gone and he would while I was gone. I keep one up now because my grandbrats will work on it instead of XBox.

  4. you are SO funny! Isn't it SOOOOO You!

  5. LOL I so love puzzles too! One day when my husband and I were working on one I told him that this is how I feel when I'm working on a CQ block! The thrill of getting the right piece in place! LOL

  6. Hi Pam. I just got home from a quick little trip with my daughter to San Jose to visit an old friend...(not that she's old...lol) and I see that this spoon is going to be going to your lovely home!! I'm so excited. I will ship this off to you tomorrow!! Love your puzzle and your birds (I'm playing "catch up" with your blog. Laurie
    ps...your music is beautiful!

  7. Speaking of puzzles...have you tried making your first puzzle piece for the swap? OMG! I'm going to need to rethink how to do the edges. I figured I would be able to satin stitch by machine just as for fabric postcards. My machine HATES the tabs of the puzzle. After a day long CQing a couple of motifs - it's going in the trash bin. Do over...Day 2.
    How many have you promised to make? GULP!

    P.S. Are people using quilt batting or fabric postcard type facing?(Pellon/peltex stuff)
    Any tips? (practice my blanket stitch! ;)

  8. Pat, I have tried sending you an email but it keeps coming back :-(
    Is your mailbox full ??
    P.S: I love puzzles..that looks like a fun one!

  9. Oh Pat, getting hooked on puzzles is one of the funnest and most addictive things there is! lol

  10. Drats, Drats, Drats--at about 10:30 Monday evening (I think it was Monday) I realized the new season of the Closer had started---yeah, an hour and a half earlier than when it dawned on me!).
    I'm off to worki on puzzle pieces.

  11. beautiful puzzle! wouldn't that be georgeous if you could now cq on it!


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