Monday, January 05, 2009

Project dedicated to a mentor and friend......Nora Creeach

I didn't realize it has been so long since my last post.
I did get the tree down and decorations all wrapped and stored, but I have the stairway and front porch left to tackle. DH returned to work last Monday......for three days.....then had a 4 day weekend! I wish I had a 4 day weekend off! I have been so busy but didn't seem to accomplish anything. Yesterday I spent most of the day at mom's changing around furniture and freshening things up. It always lifts her spirits when she has a new environment to enjoy. She needed a boost because after losing an elderly cat last month, her favorite one, "Sterling", is about to go as well. It's sad when there is nothing you can do to help.

On a happier note, I did start on Gail's challenge for Jan yesterday afternoon. I worked on it late into the evening and picked it up again this morning. 14 hours later, and I am finished embellishing and it is ready to be assembled into a night light to go in my bathroom. I clamped the raw edges under to photograph,so please excuse the ugly black clips in the following photos.

There is a story behind this project, as with most of my creations. Rissa recently shared a story about Nora with CQMag staff. As you may know, Nora passed away in November. She was editor of CQMag and a very respected and wise woman and friend. From the story ,I learned Nora was a dancer. I then saw this beautiful image that Gail has offered for the January challenge, of a dancer lacing her ballet shoes. With the prompt word being,"Forever", and the photograph color on my laptop looking blue, like twilight, I immediately thought of Nora, and the many hours of pleasure she found in dancing, so.....this project is dedicated to Nora......In the soft twilight and in all our hearts, she will dance forever.....

I added the word, "forever" to the corner of the photo in PhotoShop and happily when I printed it out, it was more of a blue/purple. Dark periwinkle I would say.
(I did not alter the original photo, I don't know how,LOL.)

Well, gathering fabric was no problem. I used a deep blue swarovski crystal heart to represent Nora...she loved the color blue. I also added a tatted heart from my friend Wendy Shu which was a perfect color match. (meant to be) I also happened to have one of those nightlights that has a sticky shade for you to cover...perfect! Now all I have to do is trim it out with a beaded fringe! This is the light turned on in a lit room....

...and in a dark room. The image shows through and so does the dragonfly which I was hoping it would. When I am finished completely I will get better photos to share.
Seeing this nightlight each morning will bring fond memories of my time writing for CQMag, and of my pleasure of meeting Nora, as well as a new found friend and blogger,the very talented, Gail. Guaranteed smiles!
Speaking of Gail, I am excited about my first online class on brushes 101 which starts tomorrow :-) I was speaking to Ellen today and she is joining us :-). It will be great to compare notes and bounce ideas off one another after we learn fun things.

In other news, I was invited to the String Along Quilt Guild meeting on the 14th. The guest speaker will be a woman who frames her paintings with crazy quilting. I have heard of her, but never had the chance to view her work and am anxious to meet her. I will take the Mermaid's Tale fiber book for show and tell. I was going to take the CQ wall hanging but the Art Center needs it to display for the mentor exhibit which starts on the same day and runs for a month.

Also, tomorrow evening I am attending a NANI meeting which is the Northwest chapter of EGA, as guest of my friend Marjorie. It should be interesting and very enjoyable to be around women of the needlearts.

Well I guess the saying, "Out with the old and in with the new" really applies to me this year! I'm looking forward to every new venture, each new friendship, and many new projects!

I hope you all are having a great start to your new year too. Keep Dancing Nora.....................


  1. Love the nightlight, Pat! I've not seen that kind with the sticky shade but it sure is a neat idea. That ballet print is lovely!

  2. Pat! I would bet that Nora is smiling!!!What a beautiful piece!! i am soin awe of your amazing work everylittle item that you place is just perfect - you must have amazing collections!!! Thank you for sharing.
    I am so very sorry to hear about your Mom losing her cats- somehow there is something so incredibly devastatingabout losing pets- it is the unconditional love that they give us and that we are so lost without!! thinking of Her!!

  3. That is very touching about Nora. I too saw the beautiful photo but did not know Nora's story. If I ever use the pic I will certainly think of her. The night light is a beautiful idea.

    I wish good weather soon for you so you and your Mom can walk the beach and maybe that will bring her healing over the loss of the cats.

    Enjoy your meetings and keep on blogging. Couldn't live without your blog.



  4. Oh, my gosh, that project is BREATHtakingly beautiful! I love the whole thing. The story behind it is bittersweet, but what a lovely way to remember someone dear to you! I love the nightlight idea! It looks amazing with the light shining through! You are so incredibly talented!

  5. Your night light is beautiful and what a nice thought for Nora. I am sure she is dancing. Pat I am so sorry for your mother. One really never gets over the lose of a dear pet. But as time passes we remember the wonderful things they have brought to our lives. Sharon

  6. I am aw struck....this is beautiful, what a wonderful idea.
    I will be keeping my eye on the out come.
    hugs, Mary

  7. What a beautiful piece! Look forward to meeting you at NANI.

  8. What a perfectly lovely tribute to Nora, Pat....

  9. Pat, what a beautiful tribute to Nora. Thank you so much for sharing her story that I didn't know like many other buddies.
    Nora will be dancing at your gorgeous work forever.

  10. Pat, the light shade is just stunning. I am going to have to see if I can find something similar over here.
    I never had the pleasure of knowing Nora,but what a wonderful legacy she left us with CQMagOnline.


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