Friday, January 30, 2009

Progress on the Lilac eyeglass case...

I finished embellishing the Lilac eyeglass case this afternoon so I went upstairs to grab a clasp....where did they go??? Did I make that many eyeglass cases???? Luckily my ladies at the stitch shop in LaPorte answered my email quickly and ordered some for me. I can put this together next week and get it shipped off.
Next I must finish the two CQ night lights..then work on the red purse for a friend....then write an article for Haute Handbags...then dye ribbons and lace...then make two Bohemian purses.... then cut out more metal child pins....then make a couple of tea Busy? No way.

I am going to gather my beaded bee supplies and watch TV with DH with a glass of wine. I hope my bees don't have three wings :-0

Have a great evening.


  1. Hi Pat, Your To Do list wore me out! Or maybe that's because we just got back from a walk in the wind? Have you ever looked at the Nellie's Needles blog? She makes birds, and whenever I see them, I find my self thinking you'd love her creations if you've not already seen them. What kind of tea cozies are you making? I will be anxious to see!

  2. Pat,
    I just checked out your e-zine, and how wonderfully beautiful are all your things.
    And you give instructions on how to do it!
    Of course it's your embellishments that make your work so beautiful.
    Truly a labor of love, and it shows in your work.

    Thank you forshso freely.

    Barbara Jean
    PS I would like to link to one of your sites. Which would you prefer?? or i could do two.

  3. What a sweet & deligtful blog you have! Wonderful post! Enjoyed my visit! ~Maryjane

  4. Pat,
    Thanks for coming by and signing yup for the nest giveaway.

    Yuor name is in the hat!

    Barbara Jean


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