Monday, January 12, 2009

Revised!!!!!!Pieces of Friendship Puzzle Swap list and info

I will be making name updates on this post only.(I do appreciate the replies arriving..thank you)
I took the names from comments left on the blog posts and from emails. If you have found life to be unexpectedly overwhelming and do not want to play, or, if you decided you do want to play, please let me know as soon as possible so I can remove/add your name and get a working list for everyone.
DEADLINE is JUNE 1st to make and mail 4 pieces to me. We are only swapping 4 pieces right now. This will give everyone a chance to see how this will work for them, and if all goes well, we will do it again.

Pieces of Friendship puzzle swap 2009
Participant list
*please email if you changed your mind* (thank you)

Confirmed participants in red. If you still plan on participating, please comment on this post with just your name and I will confirm it on the list. Even if you did send an email before Jan 1st to join in. I know how things can change, and want to be sure all the people listed do want to swap. :-)Thank you.

1. Pat Winter~ Hostess and participant
2. Tina Johnson
3. Karrin Hurd
4. Laurie Walton
5. Kathy Tollefson
6. Cindy of MN
7. Kerry of Canada
8. Sharon Chapman
9. Freda Butler
10. Robin Robboy
11. Cathy K
12. Grace
13. Kristin Farwig
14. Gina of IN
15. Jaffy
16. Janine Franc mailed puzzle pattern
17. Annette J
18. Ira from Israel
19. Linda Schiffer
20. Kathy of Minnesota
21. Patti Edmon
22. Tattingchic of CA
23. Lana Richey mailed puzzle pattern 1/29/09
24. Amber in Ohio
25. Lisa of OR
26. Pattie of Mexico
27. Liz of Kansas
28. Jennifer of Canada
29. Ayala Levinger
30. Judy S
31. KV in New Mexico
32. Sara Brockunier
33. Marjorie Holme
34. Wendy Shu
35. Larna Ezzy
36. Joy Brooks
37. Melusine
38. Lynn in MN
39.Maggie R
40. Terisa
41. Micki

Possible participants
1. Teri Dusenbury

Reading your response and ideas on how the swap should work, majority rules,so I have decided to do a centralized swap where I would be the swap hostess. This does not mean you cannot swap among yourselves. This just ensures that everyone who makes and sends puzzle pieces will receive puzzle pieces in return.

Those darn rules~~~
1~You must make and send 4 (four) puzzle pieces.I will make sure the pieces are correct size and if not, you will get back your pieces. I don't want to sound mean, but if they aren't going to fit in a puzzle, why make someone unhappy? This is why I want to make the template available to you before hand. :-) Because of supplies used, the pieces may be off a tad, but I 'm sure we can work around that, after all...we are creative right?

2~You can decorate your puzzle pieces any way you wish to reflect your art. Your ART will reflect YOU, so please, create something you would want to receive.
I will be making crazy quilt pieces which means I will be using fabric, lace, beads, etc. I wish I could bead, but that isn't the case.
Stay within the area please so each piece will interlock with the next.You can however have a small dangle such as a charm or beads that can hang off the top surface and not edge as long as another piece can be easily added, and not hidden in any way. Example: a dragonfly charm or a pretty bead or perhaps a hand made bauble.

3~The idea behind this swap is to create what we love and share our art with each other so when we gather and assemble our puzzle, we will have a wall hanging made of friendship and mixed media artwork to enjoy. Please finish off and sign the back of your pieces. Any info such as email or blog would be great if you can fit it on there. Add decorative paper or fabric to back even though it will be against wall.

4~Please be considerate of your subject. Some people are offended by nudes, and possibly a recipient may be displaying their wall hanging near children. I want everyone to be happy with their end product.

5~Place each piece in a baggie or piece of tissue with your name and email on it. This will make swapping easier and less confusing. If you send 4 pieces, there should be four baggies or tissues.

6~ Send your pieces to me at : Pat Winter 1010N 350E Chesterton,IN 46304. Include a self addressed stamped envelope. The same size envelope you sent them to me in so I can be sure the return pieces will fit and postage will be covered. If you cannot do this, you can bribe me with some small bit of CQ stash. I do not need stash, but an addiction is an addiction! :-) That being said, please, NO hostess gifts. I know you appreciate playing, but gifts are very unnecessary.

7~You will have until June 1st to create and send off your pieces to me. That gives you four full months plus the rest of January to create.(one month per piece) Allow 3 to 5 days for your pieces to arrive here unless sending from overseas. Email me when you send your pieces so I can mark your name as sent and look for your envelope.
I will swap them out one week after that date and return your new art pieces to you. I don't want to rush the swapping process and mix things up so I am allowing a week to drool and swap a good mix for everyone. If you have agreed among yourselves to swap with each other, please put the name of the person you promised a piece to on that baggie or tissue or I will not be responsible for reading minds.:-)
However I do encourage everyone to let the swapping muse choose which pieces were meant for you.

8~Have fun! This is most important. Just create what you love. If this is a success, we can continue it, so do not think you have to swap with everyone the first time. As you know, I want one from everyone which means I am going to be bizeeee! If you do not want a certain subject , include a note for me so I will not give you "Skulls" if they freak you out. (Just an example) I will do my best to make this swap pleasing to all because you are putting time and talent into your work, and that is what you should receive in return.

****Important personal note**** If I have more people wanting to swap with me than pieces I have made, I will swap what I have and continue to make more until everyone has a piece. This will naturally take more than the deadline date, but you will receive a piece from me. If you intend to swap with me, please put my name on the baggie or tissue so I won't give it away to another swapper. I will swap my pieces on a first come first swap basis, but again, you will get one.

This is the puzzle piece template everyone will use. Four will print on a regular size sheet of paper. Click first image below to enlarge, save and print.
The piece measures 4 inches. This is your workable space to alter, sew,bead, etc however you want as long as you stay within the puzzle area so the puzzle can be added to another.

You should be able to print this out on a regular sheet of paper for correct size. Do not exceed this size or decrease the size or your puzzle pieces will not fit in your recipients puzzle. If you are afraid you have the incorrect size, I can snail mail you the template if you send a self addressed stamped envelope to (Pat Winter 1010N 350E Chesterton,IN 46304)

Ok, this is the first official letter to begin the swap. Contact me with any changes, suggestions or corrections please.
Let the fun begin!


  1. Hi Pat~ First, let me say that I so very much enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to it every day. Secondly, am I no.23 on the puzzle piece swap list? I hope so. I am really looking forward to this swap. For some reason, I cannot get a 4" copy of the pattern so I am sending a SASE to you and ask that you please send me the pattern. Thank you so much...I just love the little fairie brooches you are making. Have a blessed evening, Lana Richey

  2. Thank goodness, Pat -- I am so relieved that you moved the due date up to May 1st! I definitely will participate but am totally swamped at the moment. May 1st is definitely doable.

    Incidentally, I just know it was a slip of the keyboard when you listed me as KV in "Mexico" instead of New Mexico, right?

    Lotsa love,

    Kathy V in NM

  3. Hi, Pat. Please enter me in your puzzle exchange. I'm sort of new to all this exchange stuff, but would like to try my hand.

    Amber in Ohio

  4. Hi, Pat: I missed the need to confirm the first time I read this but it caught my eye this time. I do confirm that I will participate. Thanks! Marjorie

  5. I almost missed this but yes, I'd like to participate!
    I'm #14, Gina in IN
    ginab at yahoo dot com

  6. Hi,

    I'm so sorry to say that I won't be able to participate. I just got a new writing job and I'm to take on too much.

    My name is Marilyn Crain. I'm not sure where the "Melusine" name from. Maybe another person.

    I will be checking in to see how everyone is doing. Have fun!

  7. Hi Pat,

    You can count on me to participate. Already printed the pattern and will start work on it soon. Again thank you for the hosting.

  8. Amber Rutz7:52 AM CST

    Pat, this is Amber in Ohio. I am already working on my pieces, so consider me confirmed. Thanks.

  9. Hello Pat
    I will be happy to participate, but I have one problem I was print the pazle pieces and I got the in 4inch with a small outside pieece(top and right side) on the picture it 4 inch only on the square. Let me knoe please, what I must to do.
    My email
    Thank you for help and for hosting this swap

  10. Melusine6:56 AM CST

    The name is from one of Pat's readers in England.

    I had wanted to do this swap but am still not sure about the size of the pieces since the words did not match up with the pictures. Is the 4-inches from straight edge to straight edge (as in the picture) or is it from straight edge to tip of sticky out lug?

  11. Would love to be included in this swap if it's still open? Looks like a great amount of fun!
    Lynn in Mn.

  12. Jennifer from Canada

  13. Count me in! please. Thank you
    Lana Richey

  14. Hi Pat - Yes, I'm still interested - consider me confirmed! Hugs, Cathy

  15. I am still interested in participating

  16. Please include me... I'm still in!

    Thanks Pat

  17. oops! I thought I confirmed for the puzzle swap by email early on, but I missed the color code update request until rereading just now. I'm still in! I'm working them...very addictive. But mine don't fit together using the same pattern every time.

    I think we'll have to accept that we'll need to make our own joining pieces by cutting tabs down or making holes bigger. So for a 9 patch puzzle if I get 5 pieces from 5 different swappers - I'll custom fit the 4 pieces that make them lock.

    (My thought was I could send 1 to you soon so to test fit next to yours and also to see if the pattern I'm using is right.)

  18. Pat, I sent you a confirmation as soon as I saw this post, but my name isn't red. Please count me in.

  19. I've spent at least a hour reading back posts on your blog, it's been alot of fun! I will definately become a regular vistor. I'm going to try one of the puzzle pieces and if it turns out I'll be back to sign up if it's not to late. I really like this neat idea. Thank you.


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