Monday, January 26, 2009

Iron birds and nests....great product!

This morning while cleaning, I quickly snapped these photos of my ironwork birds and nests which I will distress with cream paint.
I also wanted to share something for those who still wash dishes the old fashioned way like me. My hands are very busy hands that dig in dirt without gloves, dye silk ribbons and fabric, many times without protection, give my mom permanents without gloves, they have received so many hours of unprotected sunlight (for 45 plus years), they solder,paint,scrap, and basically get a lot of wear and tear. They are not "pretty" hands, and although I am not ashamed of them, I wouldn't mind if they looked a bit smoother.

Years ago when my grandmother was here for a visit, I overheard her telling my mom that she should never be ashamed of hard working hands. From time to time I see mom looking at her hands and saying how hard they have worked, and she earned every mark and wrinkle. I catch myself observing my weathered hands and realize that I too have worked them pretty hard, and also earned each spot and wrinkle. I've come to accept there is nothing wrong with not having long manicured nails on spotless hands. I would not give up anything I do just to have "pretty" hands. That is why I have to share this product review with those of you with "working" hands.

I bought Dawn Ultra hands renewal dish soap last week . I truly thought it was just another gimmick, but since I use Dawn anyway, why not try the newest product. Well let me tell you, not only does it smell fantastic and uplifting,(I bought the Aloe scent in the green bottle), it has improved my hands in 5 uses. I felt softer hands in the first use, and the dish water is soft too. My hands are much softer, and many of the fine lines are gone. They don't feel stiff after washing dishes like they always used to. I would not share this if it wasn't true.

I also wanted to share this coupon for Michaels crafts. Save it,Print it off and get creative!

I am hoping to get things finished around here so I can go visit my ex sis in law Brenda. I enjoyed our last visit, and perhaps I will get her to go to Michaels with me too???? Have a great day!


  1. That is a really cute post! Thanks for the coupon. Take care of those hard working hands! :)

  2. Well, I have those working hands also, that tend to crack along the index fingers in the winter. I swear by Gold Bond lotion in the green bottle. Excellent product that My Sweet Husband likes also.

    Thanks for the tip on Dawn and the Michaels coupon.

  3. Goodmorning Pat...
    Enjoyed your post on hard working hands. The new soap sounds good, but i don't do dishes.... I cook DH cleans up.. but he uses the dishwaher! VBG
    I think any of us that like creating outside or in has the problem. It's funny when I work outside in the garden, I start out with gloves, but they are soon removed so I can get the feel of what I am doing!
    When I remember I do the vaseline and gloves routine at bedtime. Use any handcream you like, then apply vaseline and then put on a pair of cotton gloves. It works for keeping your feet in good order too.
    Just a little trick I have done for years and it works.
    I think we get so involved in our creativity we are either too tired or don't want to take the time!
    Thanks for the Michael's coupon Pat. I have printed it off. Gosh there is always something we need there eh?!?! VBG
    Have a great day...

  4. Stop by my blog for a little surprise!

  5. My hands...oh, I can't even look! Ha! Pat, thanks so much for visiting my blog & OWOH giveaway! So much fun to visit all the blogs! So glad I signed on! Thanks for your help!

  6. My hands are in the same shape as it sounds like yours are. LOL ... gardening tends to be hard on them.

    I also saw that soap at the store yesterday but didn't buy it because I had not heard anything good or bad about it. Now I'll watch for it to go on sale and I'll pick some up!

  7. I love this post. I think we had the same Grandma. One surprize though .... you picked the green bottle of Dawn. Do my eyes deceive me, did Pat Winter pass on the lavender bottle of Dawn...!? LOL
    My hands have also been around the block so to speak and I too am proud of them. Take care dear friend. Sharon

  8. Love the thoughts on our hands. I have been noticing my hands and wondering whose hands they were?
    How did they get this way? Do they belong to my grandmother? Thank you for sharing the quotes from your grandmother... They were just what I needed to hear! thanks for the blessing today. I will try not to frown when i notice them but think of the lovely quote.

  9. i was smirking all the way to the end of this post -- because you are like me in the aspect of using our poor hands so fearlessly...heh..i just dyed some fabrics last night and spent a good 20 minutes scrubbing the alcohol off -- but it was worth it - because the colors came out fabulous...the only way i will wear gloves is if im bleaching though...but other than that..theres hands....and their 22 years of life - have seen a lot...
    but - isnt that soap great? i LOVE dove - so when i found out they made a soap like that - i had to buy it..and im hooked...i remember always washing my hands and afterwards they would be soooo more of that now...:o)~
    and thnx for the coupons...other people call it enabling - i call it wonderful! lol

  10. I was actually drawn to the bird nest, then read about the Dawn. Thanks for the review.

  11. I share those same kind of hands! Mine have ALWAYS looked old but I loved it cause they always looked like Grama's!
    My best freind in the summer is a good nail clipper ~ my form of a manicure!Sometimes it is the only way to get ther dirt out after a day of gardening!Esp if you want to sew and garden in the same day!


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