Thursday, January 08, 2009

Info about metal stamp sets for birds

Several of you inquired about the metal stamp sets to use for imprinting words on bird wings. I know I answered some of you, but I know I didn't get everyone answered, so here is the info I have to share so you know exactly what to buy.

When I inquired about where to get the metals stamps, Caroline, the original creator of the birds kindly told me she used the 1/4" set on her bird wings,and where to order them, so I ordered a set. When they arrived they looked very large to me, I didn't even think about size, I was just anxious to order. I read her article again, and realized that she made much bigger birds than I did, hence the stamp size. So........I browsed eBay and found two smaller sets to suit my needs. The 1/8" is a nice size for the first birds I made however , the 1/16" is teeny and perfect for my mini bird pins for making "flocks",LOL. They just arrived today, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover they were in a nice clean wooden box.
So there you have it. I just wanted to share what I learned, so you know what to get if you want metal stamps. I also bought a jewelers saw with tons of blades, so I am ready to do more birds. Don't forget the tiny wings from Etsy! Too cute!


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM CST

    How cute that bird is, Pat! You make the most interesting things.

  2. You are so clever, Pat! These birds of yours are so cute. BTW, there's a surprise for you on my blog. Plus, don't faint, I finally did your MeMe!


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