Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I just awoke from a magical place

I want to go back to sleep so badly. As you can see by the time of my post, I slept in this morning. I didn't intend to, it just happened, and I am so glad it did. You see, I have just experienced one of those dreams where you swear you are living it at that moment, and that it really is your life. Oh it was so wonderful...gather round girlfriend's.....let me share it with you..............

I was standing with my mom in a very large bedroom which was all painted a soft creamy color and it had dark wood flooring. It had huge tray ceilings with crown moldings at least six feet deep, very intricate carvings ,layer upon layer. A huge canopy bed was in the center of the room all made up with creamy sheer and lace fabrics. On the headboard was the most beautiful delicate painting of roses in the palest pink with green leaves. I ran my fingers across the rose painting and I could feel them, then I smelled roses. I was a little frightened for a moment then I was turning to see a huge creamy white super detailed chest of drawers rising from the floor. When it stopped I went over to it with mom and we started opening the drawers to reveal such wonderful treasures. One drawer was filled with antique yellowed, brittle paper dolls with tons of clothing. Another had three dolls made of velvet with aged porcelain heads. They were beautiful, even with the crackled appearance. I put them down and closed the drawer.

One of mom's friends was walking on a section of the floor that was moving like a built in treadmill. It was so neat. Mom's friend said I must get dressed for the party. For some reason I knew that I was guest of honor and I didn't want to go. I couldn't stop looking at the tray ceiling and the massive room. I knew if I left the room, I would never see it again. The feeling I had is unexplainable.

Guests were arriving as I was trying to dress in a room with only a curtain for a door. Several guys were at the door, they were from the Victorian era from the way they were dressed. I heard them talking about who would get to marry me. (lol)I poked my head through the curtain and asked them how old they thought I was.Two of them replied, one said 22, the other said 24. I laughed and told them I was in my forties and to go away but I could tell one of them stayed and when I went out after I dressed in a brown velvet dress with the puffy wire skirt trimmed in lace, DH was standing there and I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep so I could see the party which I assume would have been in a ball room,LOL. I wanted to see the decorations and the design so much.
Then I opened my eyes and saw the clock and jumped out of bed. I am supposed to take mom shopping this morning and had to get ready. But first, I had to jot my dream down, and blog it or the memories and feeling would be gone. SO, that was my wonderful dream which left me feeling like my soul had travelled last night to a magical place.

I drank a little bit of 7 UP before bed and earlier last night(sugar)and I had a wonderful long conversation with my friend Laney. We spoke about redecorating, and that must have stuck in my mind. Whatever the reason for the dream, I certainly enjoyed it. Especially the chest rising from the floor filled with so many treats to see. I think a hidden chest of drawers would be pretty neat in a huge room. When not in use, press a button and it goes back down into the floor and you have more space. Pretty much like those TV's that hide away. Ok, I really am pressing it with time...gotta go. Have a magical day, and write down your dreams!


  1. Visions of inaugural balls dancing in your head?

  2. What a wonderful dream. Thanks for sharing....
    Yes how quickly they fade away if we do not write down quickly upon rising or just share with someone.

  3. Now Pat, Re-read your dream tonight before you close your eyes and maybe it will continue.... wouldn't that be fun. Dream on, Sharon

  4. what a wonderful dream!! Yes if you don't write them down immediately then they just float away..... Maybe there will be a chapter 2?? heh heh

  5. I love the imagery and symbolism Pat.


    What a lovely way to dream.

    BTW, thank you for joining in on my OWOH event!

    If you are interested in trading for any of my stones and such, my door is always open to you!

  6. Pat@MyTatteredElegance10:19 PM CST

    Pat, when dreams are so vivid they usually have a deeper meaning. You may never know that meaning, but it will probably stay with you for a long time. I have had dreams that are still with me and I dreamed them years ago. Those are the ones that were very very vivid. I love those kinds of dreams. Each night think about that dream before going to sleep and you may finish that dream. As a teenager I did that a lot. Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the dream and glad you shared it with us so we could enjoy it too.

  7. Your dream sounds fascinating, I hope you get to finish it. I dream at times, but nothing to remember much about except for one. Probably a little over a year ago I had an awful dream and couldn't even share it with DH. It is still very fresh in my mind. Those type I wish I could forget.
    I rarely have the speakers turned up, this morning I do and I enjoy your music on your blog.


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