Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun doll class!!!

Yesterday's Inner Child doll class went very well. It was held at La Bead Loca in Valparaiso, and this is Myra, the owner and "Crazy lady". I forgot to Thank Myra for offering her shop for the class.Myra had water set out for everyone and candy, and even clementines which were really tempting me. THANKS MYRA!!!! Can you tell she is a fun person? She's not posing, this is how she usually walks around her shop,LOL .(only kidding) I have to admit, that is exactly how I would be if I owned a bead shop. LOL Sorry about the poor photo. I didn't have my camera set properly for the light from the large window. I'll have to try to fix that in Photoshop later.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. They certainly were a very nice and fun group to "play" with. A customer came in to shop and was enticed by the noises coming from the corner of the store so she joined in and played for a bit which is why I always make an extra kit or two. I'm sorry but I forgot her name. I think it was Sharon, but probably not :-). I did get a picture of her having fun though and was glad she joined us.It was nice to spend time with Karol and Lelia, fellow bloggers and exceptional needlewomen. I had the pleasure of viewing a piece Karol is making on Linen I believe. She picked out her beads for the fringe after class, and I can see it will be one beautiful amulet when completed. Beautiful stitching!!! Lelia is making one as well, and I hope to see them both when finished.

These are Karol and Lelia's Inner Child dolls. With time running short, we skipped to sewing them closed to fill with lavender because the embellishing can be completed on a finished doll form as well. I wanted to make sure they had all the instructions needed to finish their dolls although I hate to rush anyone during a creative process.

This is Donna , beading around her dolls face. My pal Jill (in the background) is like me, she hates being photographed however I did get her hands as she is cutting out her doll shape. I may be in trouble for posting if you don't hear from's been nice knowing you all.
Jill shared a cool way to store threads. Large plastic sheets with narrow pockets that hold several skeins ready to pull out one thread at a time. I must learn more about this!

This is Donna's Inner Child doll. Donna suggested machine sewing the doll after embellishing and then doing a decorative stitch around the edges which would be easier for some. That is a possibility.

I didn't get a picture of Jill's doll because we were talking a lot while cleaning up and I forgot.
I know everyone will be making more because they are terribly addicting. I do hope they had fun, I did!


  1. YES! We did have fun. The dolls you had at the class, your pins, and your beautiful book helped provide ideas & showed what can be done with oddments on hand. The doll supplies were colorful, bright, & cheerful. Just Excellent kits & instructions & teaching by YOU. Pat, you are so generous & creative & provide inspiration to all of us.

    Now I still have supplies to play with & need to master the image transfer!! I'm on a mission.

  2. Oh I wish I lived closer!! The dolls are so cute. I may try to make some comfort dolls like that. I did recognize the little faces. Were the as lively as the little ones I sent you. I'm sure they were much more polite.LOL I am sure everyone had a fun class with you. Sharon

  3. That looks like a fun class to have attended. I was reading on someone's blog about how they were going to this might have even been Lelia's! LOL!

  4. What a wonderful time I had! Thanks for being so giving of your time and talents! Also thank you for brining your mermaid book. It was lovely!!! Each time I looked at it I saw something new!

  5. WOW Pat ~ these lady's did a great job! Make's me want to try one right now!

  6. Hi Pat:

    It looked like you girls had a lot of fun!

    Have a wonderful week :)


  7. Hi Pat,
    I'm jealous!!!!! I wish I could have been there. Looks like everyone had a great time and the dolls are awesome.
    Lovely spot to hold your class too...
    Thanks for all the pictures, It is always fun to see what everyone is doing

  8. What a fun workshop. we are starting workshops here and have a kick off free day this next saturday! Yikes! Wish you were closer! If you ever are on your way out to Napa Valley. Let me know!

  9. Pat, saw that you received an award for Mindwideopen challenge.
    Way to go!
    Just back in the Islands and still cold, brrrrr.
    Will maybe do the next one, will see.
    aloha Lilla

  10. Looks like everyone had great fun.
    I can imagine you are a fun teacher.
    I enjoyed hearing and seeing the class.

  11. Anonymous7:44 PM CST

    OMG! I have to know are you teaching any more classes? My son lives in Valpo it would give me an excuse to visit.
    Beth Bricker


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