Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finished puzzle...ramblings

Good morning!!! DH came down this morning at 4:00 and found me stitching on the couch. Angell had a bad evening, had to potty every hour, so I just stayed downstairs and took 40 winks on the couch so we wouldn't keep waking DH up. I love snoozing on the couch because it is so comfy ,soft and roomy. However, Angell kept crawling up to my ear and coughing to let me know it was potty time. I looked at the clock every hour until 2:00. I decided I would rather be busy than being irritated so I went to the kitchen and finished the beautiful puzzle from Terri. I can't remember the last time I have enjoyed working a puzzle like this one.
I grew up with a puzzle always in the works around our home. When I started it, DS took a peek so I invited him to join in and he said "there was way too much lace", meaning...too feminine for him to take part in,LOL. That was fine, more fun for me:-)
As I was working the puzzle alone in the middle of the night, I remembered dad would always sneak a piece and hold on to it for days until we were finished and was searching for the last piece..wondering which cat took it to their "special spot". Being raised in a house with a cat or two, this was expected as many of you know. One day we caught dad putting the last piece in. He had his sneaky grin and denied nabbing it. Yes, he continued to do this every time. I am glad mom still enjoys her puzzles. Thanks to Terri she has two beautiful ones to work on. I will take a pic as she finishes them. Again, thank you Terri!!!
When DH left for work I started laundry and got the urge to clean baseboards again. Where did that come from? I finished downstairs and continued upstairs...washing bathroom rugs, dusting, and I even cleaned the stairway carpet .It sure smells nice around here.

A dear friend's mother lost her battle with cancer this week and as you all know, our friends sorrow and pain is ours as well, so I really needed the puzzle to allow quiet time so I could think...or not.
My heart goes out to Karen, as I know what she is going through. I also know no matter how much you want to help, you really can't do a darn thing but let them know you are there for anything they need. It is an awful feeling to be helpless, especially for one who wants to fix things like myself.

Yesterday I had planned to visit my pre-sis in law, but I messed up. The night before I ran through the car wash to get off the road salt. Well, a little voice in my head which sounded much like DH and my father, chanted...~~~"don't wash your car at night especially when it's freezing out". Well, my need to have a green instead of white splotched car won over so I drove in the car wash and you know what happened? Yep! I couldn't get in my car yesteday morning. I used the lock deicer, I heated the key, I bumped against the door thinking I would break the ice seal. Nothing! Another helpless moment. I was embarrassed to call Brenda and tell her why I wouldn't be there, but she was great about it and understood. We will get together next week for sure. The sun came out and it did eventually open, so I didn't have to confess to DH :-)

DH phoned from work yesterday and asked if we wanted to go out for a bite since DS is headed back to W. Lafayette today. Well, Brenda had just told me about a new restaurant in Beverly Shores named Bartlett's, so we went there. It was nice. The service was fast and consistent, the food was on the verge of gourmet, beautifully served, and the atmosphere was very comfortable. We will be dining there again. I have to thank Brenda for the recommendation.

After dinner DH had to meet a gal wanting to see one of MIL's rentals. The ice prevented MIL to drive, so she asked DH to show it...she didn't know we had dinner plans. It worked out fine because we drove separately and when DH took off to take care of that, DS and I took off to the Lighthouse mall. He needed a few more dress shirts, and I remembered Van Heusen was having a big sale. We got a gret deal on shirts and ties, so he bought cuff links too. It was fun shopping with him on a whim. We then bought DH some work boots and I found a nice iPod docking station. The other one I received from DH didn't work with my iPod :-(

Now that I have written my life story, I should get off of here and work on the lilac eyeglass case. I will share pics very soon. Hope she likes it?????????

Have a great day and hug your mom and dad if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or call a friend for no reason. Enjoy your day.


  1. Lovely blog.
    i enjoyed your writing and your pictures.

    Do you give permisiion for your pics to be used in small things for my little gift shop just opened?
    We do a lot of vintage and handcrafteds.

    and blessings,
    Barbara jean

  2. Pat,
    Your puzzle is beautiful,,you should take a pic of it and make a silkie out of condolences to your friend and her family.

  3. Pat I love your ramblings. Feels like I am right there just chatting away with you. I hope Angell is Ok. I am e-mailing you something I recv'd today. A warning for dog owners. Just wanted you to be alerted. Sharon

  4. Pat I cant believe you were up all night with Angell ~ I was up with Teddi all night! Same thing ~ I took him out 5 times and then gave up on sleep by 6am!
    He was a ball of energy and barked just about all night. He didn't tire out until 12:30 this afternoon!
    The puzzle looks GREAT! I am SO happy you sweet girls like them.
    I am terrible sorry about your freinds death:(

  5. Gorgeous puzzle, Pat! I, too, grew up in a house where a puzzle ALWAYS was in progress.

    My sister and I would stay up all night, then decide to finish the puzzle later the next day. Guess who always finished the puzzle before we got to it -- our Dad!

    Kathy V in NM

  6. Pat, prayers for your friend over her loss. Just wanted to add your puzzle is gorgeous. I have never seen a puzzle like that before. What will you do with it now that it is finished?

  7. Hi Pat

    I too have never seen a puzzle that beautiful. I must start paying attention to them. Good for the mind and soul.

    My winter comfort even down here in Florida we have cold days and it is to sit with a good book and a hot cup of tea - English style - very strong with milk and sugar. I grew up with an English Mother and Irish Father so never tasted coffee until I was out in the world working. When we were sick it was always tea and toast.




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