Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fairy Brooches

Well, I took off the wording on the bird fairy this morning because it just wasn't working. She will have to speak for herself...funny huh? Anyway, here they are together, with several more to follow. I have so many ideas from the sweet graphic sheets I bought from Patty. Can you imagine what can be done with the Halloween children????????Oh goodness! Not enough hours in a day! I am having too much fun cutting, grinding, and pounding away on metal!!!!

Busy day, can't play now but you can bet I will return!!!!!!!
Have a great day whatever you are doing.


  1. Oh Pat these are so delightful...
    I'm lovin' them..
    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Hello Pat
    Hope you don't mind me dropping by - I 'found' you by accident today when you had a mention from kay Susan on my blog.
    Your brooch's are so very pretty - oh my goodness, you must be so patient at making them for they look so beautiful!
    Your blog looks so pretty, I'll make sure I return again!
    Kind regards
    molly x

  3. I, too, happened on your blog on a random visit around here and there and, oh my, am I ever delighted with your projects! Love the fairies! Really fun stuff! Thanks for sharing!


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