Monday, January 12, 2009

A couple new fairies and yadda yadda yadda!

What was supposed to have been a busy day turned into a day with the heating pad and a pot of Echinacea tea instead. I didn't let an achy body get me down though. Not with fairies yet to be born and an empty house. I grabbed some metal, stickers and tools and planted myself on the couch with angel. This little lady came first, and then this little guy. The look on his little Irish face says it all! "What ? I'm the only boy here?" I guess he does have the luck of the Irish.
Oh yes, another little birdie!

I'm going to practice my word stamping one day this week. I will sit down and make phrases and words and get a supply so I can grab one when needed. The little guy's clover tag reads,"Kiss me Im Irish" I wanted it to look somewhat primitive, but not illegible. I didn't think I would have to practice tapping on a hammer,LOL!
They are shiny , and even without a flash, they pick up the glare in the room. :-(

I have a busy week ahead, and want to feel my best so I will be taking it easy for a few days.
Thursday is the String Along quilt guild meeting where the guest speaker will talk about how she frames her paintings in crazy quilting. I am anxious to see her work. I'm so glad I was invited.

Friday I have to deliver my crazy quilt to the Art Center for the Mentor display for a month and
Saturday I teach a doll class at La Beada Loca. That should be fun. The kits are ready , and I so am I. I was happy to learn I will get to meet an online friend, Karol. She signed up for the doll class. Karol has an interest in CQ too....uh oh! Poor girl doesn't know it's an addiction with no cure!
After that it's time to dye ribbons and start making Shabby Cottage items. After many supportive emails, I have decided to refresh my etsy shop instead of closing it. It will be a slow change because this year I am working when the mood strikes and creating with no pressure....... I will offer Shabby Cottage themed crazy quilt items such as the CQ nightlights, tea cozies, some jewelry items such as the CQ covered bangles and beads in pastel colors, and I may still offer hand dyed silk ribbon and some ciggies. I really do need an outlet because there is no way I can stop making things,LOL. Naturaly there will be new feminine purses and market bags with fresh colors, and with CQ incorporated somewhere :-). Yes, I will be working with cotton fabrics..oh my! I think creating Shabby Cottage style items and decorating with it will inspire me to work on both with ease. At least that's my hopes.
I will be posting the information about the "Pieces of Friendship" swap next week. I haven't forgotten.
I'm off to make another pot of tea and just! Have a wonderful day, and thank you for your kind comments on the little fairies.....I feel a giveaway coming on!


  1. Lie down girl, put your toes in the air and rest! I love your fairies, each and every one of them. Hope you feel better soon. Sharon

  2. Hi Pat...I'm a lurker most of the time but really enjoy reading your blog. Felt I just had to comment on your lovely birdies and fairies...they're SO sweet!

  3. Love the fairies and a little fairy dust is a sure fire cure for the blahs. Feel better,

    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  4. I love the fairies!!!
    What fun. It is wonderful news you are keeping the shop open....
    Take care and enjoy your tea and quiet time.

  5. Hi Pat, How cute these are!!Bet you are having fun with them. Sorry you are ill. Play is The Best Therapy!!

  6. Sorry to hear you feel so crummy, Pat. Take it easy and pamper yourself till you feel better! Those little birdies are just the cutest. Glad you're going to do a puzzle update as I'd been wondering about that, thinking I must have missed something.....but wait till you feel better to do it, OK?

  7. Oh Gosh Pat,

    These little guys are just way to cute!! I'm also glad that you will keep your "shop" open. Ever since you said you were closing it I have been hording my silk ribbon :)

    Pat if you are feeling a give away comin on why don't you join some of us that are going to participate in the One Heart One World give away starting this month. I think it should be a great time and what a wonderful way to meet our Bloglandian neighbors! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  8. The fairies are just so adorable but I have such a love for birds- I think that they are truely spaecial and the size is just perfect!! Vitamin C for you and lots of sleep- You must not be sick for your Saturday class. The students would be sooo upset if you had to cancel!! Can't wait to see hwat you have them create!!

  9. As cute as these are in your photos -- seeing them & holding them in my hand gives them a different perspective!! They are waaay beyond adorable : )

    Enjoyed class & looking forward to more play time this week.


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