Monday, December 08, 2008

Velvet "Little Lady" purses

Well, I put the tree up yesterday, strung the lights, and what do you think happened? There were four strands of lights not working. I wouldn't have minded so much if I hadn't just replaced all of the lights last year. DH said just go buy new ones, they are cheap. Well, yes they are, if you only have to buy them every few years. So now I have realized that each year I will need new ones, even if they only lasted about 4 hours per day, 15 to 20 days of actually being used. 10 strands at $8 per strand....that seems expensive to me! Oh well, I couldn't put on the decorations until I got the lights, and in this weather I'm in no hurry. So.......I decided to play instead.

I fiddled around with the lace and velvet pieces I had dyed during the Summer and came up with these dainty "Little Lady" purses.
I made a pale pink,
pale peach, and pale lavender. I just finished embellishing the last one and will now assemble. I gathered the laces I dyed with the velvets, and matching beaded and tassel fringes. I have to make a lining and stitch them up, then add cording for the strap.They were really fun to embellish. These were the perfect projects to use some of the vintage velvet leaves and flowers I've been gathering. I'd love to have a daughter to make these for. Actually, they could be used by adults as well.

They will go in my etsy shop while there is still free shipping.

Back to play!


  1. WOW! Those are beautiful! You make exquisite things!

  2. Goodmorning Pat....
    These little bags are absolutely adorable. so delicate and beautiful.
    I can only imagine how much fun they were to do....Thanks for sharing. You certainly are a very creative soul.
    BTW I love the music you have chosen.. When I get time(whenever that is!!!!)I must change mine.. Thanks again for a lovely time

  3. Oh Pat, I just love these. They are so delicate and beautiful.

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  5. hi pat
    your art makes my soul clap its hands and sing!!
    how i envy one who can sew-not this girl no patience for it!!
    as always thank you for sharing
    enjoy your day
    tabby :)


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