Friday, December 12, 2008

Too much fun! Trina the Ballerina!

Thanks to Somerset Life(Autumn 08 issue) Lisa Guerin (Artist) and LiLi from The Netherlands (who came to my rescue in locating the stamp),I have had quite an enchanting morning in my studio stamping...cutting...hammering....etc.

She insisted on being a Ballerina....
she just loves sparkly pink tutu's!
She has only begun her journey........what will happen next? Stay tuned..............

Although this project was a bit "fiddly", I loved it and plan on making many more.
Introducing................................Trina...........................The Ballerina!!!!!

Thank you so much LiLi for all your help in locating the doll stamp. This is my new favorite stamp I own now. :-)
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  1. Pat, I always love following your blog,,your work is totally fantastic...I love Trina the ballerina,,,she is so adorable. Can't wait to see what else you do. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

  2. She's a perfect little ballerina, Pat. Ready to be the Snow Queen in the Nutcracker!

  3. How sweet, Pat! I'll bet this is the lst of many of these you make! :-)

  4. A ballerina Christmas tree? She's very cute, but she definitely need company. That is definitely a neat stamp.


  5. Wonderful ballerina! You are always trying such different things. =)

  6. She is such a sweet ballerina :) Don't you love when something takes on a life of it's own?

  7. Oh, how very very cute!!! it is a stamp??? for real??? Oh my -- I luv it : )

  8. Yes it is a stamp ,haha
    It is beautiful Rini

  9. This makes me want to dig out all my rubber stamps and see what I have! I haven't seen them in years!


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