Saturday, December 06, 2008

Remembering Nora Creeach

I have been torn about writing this post all week, but have decided I need to listen to my heart, so here goes.
For those who don't know, Nora Creeach lost her battle with cancer Nov 28th. With the sadness of her passing, I am comforted knowing she is free from pain. Unexpectedly, Nora's husband also passed earlier the same week, also with cancer. I can't imagine what the family is going through with the loss of both parents. Prayers go out to them.

Nora was someone you could not help but to admire and look up to. She was a founding member of the CQMagOnline. She served as Editor for many years and kept the magazine alive along with her many other ventures. The few times Nora phoned me, I felt as if I had known her forever. She was comforting, very kind, and supportive. When Nora phoned to ask me to join CQMag I felt like I had received a phone call from the queen herself. It was such an honor to be able to contibute what I could to help keep cqmag going forward. Nora will be missed by many friends as well as so many of us here in cyberspace who never had the pleasure and honor to meet her in person.

I like to think Nora and Bill are now together pain free and watching the show!
Rest in peace Nora and Bill.


  1. I am sorry to hear that...

  2. I didn't know Nora but I admired her work and the love she had of CQ. She will be missed.

  3. Nora has left us all with her wonderful work to admire forever. She will be sadly missed...

  4. Oh Pat,

    what a wonderful and loving tribute you have given to Nora and her husband!

    Pattie :c)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  5. Au revoir Nora, c'est grâce à vous que j'ai découvert le crazy, c'est CQ Mag on line qui m'a donné envie de faire un blog. J'ai admiré votre travail. Et je sais que quelques part vous continuez à broder peut être pour les anges, ou pour votre mari. Adieu Nora. Soyez en paix.

  6. what a lovely tribute Pat... the work Nora did will keep her in our hearts always.

  7. I am so sadden to hear of the passing of Nora.. she truly was a blessed talented lady! My heart goes out to her close family and friends... and also to have the loss of Bill!


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