Sunday, December 07, 2008

Puzzle piece size? Info to send for pattern.

Try this one...don't worry about the words not showing up.This should print out four 4" pieces per page.You may have to save it to your computer and alter it in your photoshop or a program to resize....sorry. Would anyone know how I could share the actual size to just click on from my blog and print???? I would be most grateful. TIA

If you want the actual pattern write to:
Pat Winter
1010N 350 E
Chesterton,IN 46304


  1. When I copy/paste/resize the box is 4.75.

    We're measuring 4" exactly where the lines show and not out to the locking tabs of the puzzle ...right? :)

  2. I opened this piece in Photoshop and it said the artwork was 4" but it is 4" outer dimensions (including the tabs). I printed it from Photoshop and it is true to size. (but only printing from Photoshop, not from Word). So I have the same question as Laurie...

    I tried converting the design to a pdf, thinking that might be more consistent for everyone, but it printed oversized, just as in Word. I'm not sure how to make it printable to size for everyone.
    Thx, Marjorie

  3. Try the four piece page. It should print out four 4" size. The 4" pattern includes the prongs.


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