Monday, December 08, 2008

puzzle piece page

Hi everyone, Sorry about the incorrect puzzle pieces I have you all printing. Try this one. It should print out four 4" pieces on a sheet of paper. The round "prongs" may not print completely as you can see, but enough for you to draw the rest yourself. I am including the "pronged" sides for the 4" pattern. This means 4" design in all. Prongs are not extra length.
I hope this works, and makes sense.
I print in the program that came with my printer.


  1. So, the piece measures 4" from the left edge to the edge of the prong? Mine does, and I guess we would then add 1/4" all around for the seam? If I measure along the lines that say 4", it's only 3-1/4"
    Does that sound right? This should be fun, and I'm SO glad it's after the holidays!

  2. Thanks for the pattern page!
    re/ extra 1/4" seam - NO, unless that's the way you choose to "finish" edge? I'm thinking satin stitch like fabric postcards extra added. (the 4" guide line should actually go out of the puzzle to the edge of the tab then.)

  3. Can't wait! Let's play. I am taking that the pronges are included in your 4" measurement. If that is correct, your latest pattern (with 4 on page) came through just right. How many do we make? Any other instructions... or did I snooze through that.LOL

  4. I want to join, but I'm new to this puzzle thing and how it works.

    Could you gives us links to your previous posts about this? And maybe elaborate about how we know our pieces will fit.

    I have been away from these fun things for awhile, not doing anything but writing. I'm so excited, but would really prefer not to look like a complete nutcase.

    Will we be able to send pics as we work, so we can see how it's all coming along?

    Thanks for doing this swap!

  5. Yes to all of the above. I will post further instructions tomorrow. Thanks for asking questions so we can get all of this ironed out beforehand and ready to roll after the holidays!!!


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