Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Pieces of Friendship" swap reminder

Just a reminder for those who want to participate in the "Pieces of Friendship" swap after the holidays.We will use the 4 inch puzzle piece below. Anything smaller would be too fussy to deal with, and I want you to have fun with it, and not stress out. The piece above will be our template, so print it out and work with it to make it 4" by 4" so you will be ready to play.If you click on the image, it should open in a separate window for you to print out or save on your computer.
This is the only pattern you will be using for each person you choose to swap with. I want to be sure we all work with the same size so our "puzzles" can be assembled correctly. If anyone can't print out a 4" piece, let me know and I will send you a paper template if you send me a self addressed stamped envelope.

I have a list of those who replied a few months ago which I will post so you can choose your swap partners. If your name is on the list and you decided you don't want to play, please let me know and I will remove it so you don't get requests.
The pieces will be traded among yourselves, so they will only be mailed once to save on postage fees. All are welcome to participate including International.

If you want to participate, you must sign up by January 10th. That gives everyone time to rest a bit after the holiday festivities.

The idea is to use the pattern to embellish however you wish and finish it off with a backing, no raw edges showing. You can crazy quilt, paint, collage, tat, etc, as long as the piece does not have anything hanging over the edges and would prevent it from fitting into a "puzzle" when complete.
If you work with fabric,use a heavy interfacing or something between front and backing to give it some stiffness. I will most likely be making crazy quilt pieces, so I will embellish the top with tiny beads, embroidery, and a tiny charm, then fuse a stiff interfacing to it and add the backing fabric by using a blanket stitch to sew together to seal raw edges.

Basic requirements to keep in mind:
4 inch puzzle piece pattern for each piece made
Finish off with backing
Nothing dangling over edges
Any artwork you enjoy doing
Tasteful images...some are offended by nudes, even if tasteful :-)
Test your piece to make sure it fits into another piece easily
Be creative! Use paint,charms,threads, inspiring words,fabrics,glass,metal,mica,rubber stamping,etc

If you have any questions, please ask....I am here. Lets have fun!


  1. Pat, I have been following your blog for over a year. I admired your comfort dolls project. I enjoy visiting your blog as it is so well maintained and pleasing to the readers with music and beautiful art work. I wish I was as half talented as you and other ladies in your circle. I am just a sport fanatic and have no special skills or talents! Today I finally thought I should send you a message wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a new year with love, peace and happiness.

  2. Oh, Pat, this is going to be so much, glad you remind me of it...I'm going to be playing with fabrics and beads and ribbon...trying new stuff...

  3. Hi Pat... help me out here, I think I'm missing something. I print out the puzzle piece template and make embellish my piece and send it on to my swap partner. When/where are they going to be put together? Are supposed to make multiple pieces and have more than one swap partner? This is probably really easy, but I can't reconcile in my head how it works.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on it for me - I appreciate it!

  4. Hopefully I did reply to each of you privately. If not, please let me know.

  5. If you had a proven & reliable swap hostess in the crowd - for anyone who would like to end up with 3 or 8 puzzle pieces - plus your own - for a 4 or 9 patch puzzle...a swap hostess would be more economical. Also cuts down on the Good Intentioned Swappers (dead beat is too harsh!) who really meant to send out a promised trade after they got theirs.
    Only people who give shall receive :)

    Have never hosted, although have participated in centralized swaps. I've always thought the best perk must be first choice. ;)

  6. Hi Pat....
    I was considering a go at this puzzle exchange. I am not sure how it works.... Do we trade all 4 pieces with 4 different people, so I end up with 4 pieces from 4 different people and how do I know who would want me as a partner????
    I printed out the templates but got the top two and only half of the bottom two.
    Are the bottom 2 exactly the same as the top two? It looked the same to me. they are just a hair short of 4" but that could be corrected when I trace them.... What say you??

    got the top 2 and half of the bottom two

  7. Hi Pat... I'm still not sure how many I'm supposed to make. I'm guessing 4 by some of the other comments. Is that right? I never did get a direct response from you and emailed you, but am assuming it went to junk mail as I have not heard back.

  8. I thought I signed up, but can't find my name in any of the comments. I probably did it by email but not sure. Anyway I do want to participate


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