Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just having fun!

As you know if you read my blog, DH returned to work on Monday after a month off, and I have spent the mornings reclaiming my space,LOL. It is funny how you miss your cleaning routine when someone else is in the house.
I have some time to myself right now because DH and DS went to his mom's to visit with his brother from AZ, so I have been creating and playing around online. I added a Zazzle slide to my website which offers a few fun things with some of my work featured. If you want to share your art, I think you would enjoy Zazzle. I haven't gone over the edge thinking me or my work is something great, I'm just having fun with it, so don't worry :-)

I made another CQ bangle, or I should say I covered another bangle bracelet.Instead of lining the bangle with fabric, I just added the CQ to the top surface so anyone with a wrist larger than 7" could get it on easier than the lined ones I made previously.

I am about to assemble the tiny metal bird pins using the teensy wings I found the other day. I can't wait to see one put together. They are so small, you could wear three or five as a flock,LOL.

Earlier this afternoon I was talking to mom on the phone in the kitchen and saw this shadow of a lace scarf on my tea set shelf. I thought it was pretty against my white and green lace wallpaper, so I ran up for my camera before the sun moved. Little things amuse me, what can I say?

I then walked through the house to capture more pics to share...nothing newsworthy, just wandering about. Half way upstairs I took a pic of the Christmas tree which will be taken down tomorrow.

Then I took a pic of this sconce in the hall which is home to a pretty rescued sugar bowl.
Stepping in my bedroom I found the display of bags and bugs interesting...............

and last, the beautiful old pitcher my mother in law gave me years ago which sits near my tub displaying velvet hydrangeas and beaded berry clusters.
I guess that is enough dilly dallying, I must assemble the metal mini birds so I can prepare some munchies for this evening. We plan on having a quiet New Years celebration, watching DVD's and munching on treats....not all fattening either. I hope you all have a safe and fun time tonight welcoming in the New Year!


  1. Pat, Love all your pictures, especially the purses and bugs in your bedroom. Gorgeous! Have a happy and creative New Year. Teddy sends kisses to Angell too. Gleefully,Sharon

  2. Pat! your home is beautiful!! I can honestly say that cleaning has never been something that I ahve missed!!! LOL!!!!!
    I do love the bracelet that you have created- are you using a metal form or???????? I hope taht you had a nice evening and Happy Happy New Year!!

  3. Such pretties! Actually my favorite is the picture of the tree from above. Cool angle!

  4. Wow, love the tree from the stairs shot! The beautiful butterflies and bags! What a collection. Are those hooks the bags are hanging on? The wall paper is beautiful in the bedroom. The velvet hydrangeas are exquisite! You have such a way of arranging beauty! :)

  5. Pat, the photos are perfect with the lovely background music! Just like a movie. :-)


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