Thursday, December 18, 2008

First steps to new beginnings

Well, cooking is done for the day,the kitchen is clean, and I just signed up for my digital photo shop lessons.
Guess what else I accomplished???? I found homes for three more dozen comfort dolls in between cooking,LOL. YES!!!!!!! They will be shipped to Wyoming, Vermont, and Tennessee. Dozen #33,34,35.

I posted the newest Comfort Dolls on the blog and am getting the notebook updated. Then I will print off the shelter letters and Comfort Doll cards,pin them to each doll, photograph each dozen, seal each doll in a cello bag and box them up to mail off in the morning. We are only 16 dozen away from having delivered to all 50 states (one dozen was distributed to New Zealand) That is quite an accomplishment I think. Thank you so much Comfort Doll donors, supporters, and sponsors. Such a short time to touch so many lives because of you.

I have my work cut out for me this evening, so I had better get busy. I have some things I wanted to share if I have time tonight.


  1. Just short of 2 dozen over here Pat. You have done such a wonderful job with this project.

  2. Pat ~ This is really wonderful.Thank you for this wonderful work!
    I will work on some for you soon!


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