Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finishing up the purse

Thank you for the nice compliments on the purse. I am ready to grab a cup of tea and attach the clasp with pearl beads.Then a quick pressing and finis!!!!!!

This certainly was a quick purse to finish. I would say time from start to finish is 16 hours. Not bad! I enjoyed making this one. It measures 11" by 9" with a 5" clasp which opens to measure 5" by 4", perfect size for any hand to retrieve an item easily. I may add a chain if I can find one next week to match the clasp.
I chose the darkest color for the backing fabric,
and a neutral tan medium weight lining fabric.

I added a small pocket for easy access to a lipstick or tissue. This purse is deep like the Victorian purses (I can't think of the name) that women carried to social events with only select necessities.
Some ladies do not like deep purses because everything lands in the bottom, this is exactly why this purse is meant for when you want to wear a pretty "accessory", not carry a dressing table and medicine chest with you,LOL.

Strange how you get in a mood to make something just out of the blue. Another reason why I love working with an image, especially vintage images. They speak loud and clear as to where they want to be used.

I'm off to bead.............................


  1. This purse is gorgeous!

  2. Pat your crazy patch work is so beautiful... It leaves me wishing I could accomplish something half as lovely....
    This is a darling little bag.
    I got some of those closures but haven't tried putting them on yet.....Hopefully in the New Year I can try ...I still haven't used the lovely silks and ribbon you sent me....
    Meanwhile I am enjoying everything you do....
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

  3. Pat, I so much enjoy looking at images of your stitching. It's so soft and delicate! Very beautiful purse.

  4. This piece is absolutly beautiful!! Love the colors.

  5. Just gorgeous, Pat! Merry Christmas to you! :o)

  6. Your purse is just beautiful Pat, as always:) Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.

  7. Pat this turned out great. I love the photos in stages. Do you ever do commissions?

  8. Your work always amazes me Pat, and this purse is no exception it is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Pat - the purse is lovely, and *only* 16 hours to make. :)
    have a happy holiday.

  10. a reticule - i think you are referring to. its been driving me nuts trying to think of the word.

  11. Love it, Love it. Your work always is wonderful.

  12. I love it, this is super cute!


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