Saturday, December 06, 2008

Finishing gypsy bracelet....class kits

I am taking a break from stitching this morning and thought I would share my progress on the gypsy bracelet. This wooden bracelet form tapers and is a little larger for a bigger wrist. I like this style, and hope to find more to cover.
I also wanted to share the cute little bags I found at Hobby Lobby for the Inner Child doll class kits. They looked too cute, and perfect for the fun class supply kits.Now I am off to make a cup of Madagascar vanilla cocoa and put up the Christmas tree. See you later!


  1. OH OH OH Pat!!!! I really love the gypsy bracelet. It is gorgeous. I am selling my house and moving to Chestertown tomorrow, so I can have lessons. Seriously though can you show us the cuff form. I have looked everywhere. Alls I get is "cuff, what's a cuff" I am tearing my hair out trying to explain.LOL Also how cute are those bags!!! You do think of everything. Gleefully Sharon

  2. Wow, this is so pretty! Everything you make is so amazing.

  3. Thank you ladies, you are too kind. I buy the blank wooden bracelets at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.They are like a large bangle bracelet made of unfinished wood. They have several widths.
    A cuff is basically the same as a bracelet only it refers to a wider bracelet that hugs the wrist.

    Sharon!!A house near me just went on the market!!! It is close to the beach too,,,come on over!!! :-)


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