Monday, December 29, 2008

Enjoying each day

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday. Mine couldn't have been nicer! Peaceful ,at home with family. I enjoyed every minute,every laugh,every sinful morsel that touched my lips.
However, I am looking forward to putting away decorations , getting things moved around, cleaned,and start enjoying a wonderful new year. DH gave me a choice of three tiered water fountains, so I have something wonderful to look forward to this Spring in the garden. When I think of blooming flowers,tall fern, sitting among chirping birds, warm sunshine, and trickling water from a beautiful fountain, I can't imagine anything more pleasant.

We had a terrible ice storm on Friday, even the mail drivers were called to return to the post office. The toll road was closed, and many people were in ditches.....pure ice. The next day it was 55 degrees...crazy! I had plans for the beach except when I arrived at mom's it started to rain so. we went shopping instead. Mom needed a few things and I exchanged clothing items for the guys and bought printer ink. I have learned to put anything to be exchanged,donated, or returned in the car just in case I find myself out and about. This has saved many extra trips.

Sunday Laney invited me to go shopping , I certainly didn't need anything, and I am sick of shopping, but just to hang out for a while was worth it, and much needed.....remember, laughing burns calories!!!
We went to Michael's with our 50% off coupons and bought some organizer lazy Susan thingys. I also found 1/4 inch silver wings for my bird pins. Teeny tiny adorable wings!!!! I was excited because as you know, I love to make miniature things. I can't wait to play.

Today DH returned to work after having a month off so I straightened the house, baked a rum cake for a housewarming gift and headed to my previous sis in laws new home. It was sunny, not too cold, and a perfect day to visit. We haven't seen each other in years, and it was so nice to get an email from her a few months ago. We talked and had a wonderful tea and the time flew by. She lives pretty close to me now, and we will be seeing a lot of each other. She has a beautiful new home in the country to decorate, and the previous owner was a sewer, so she has a wonderful space in the finished basement just waiting for her sewing machine. I am thrilled for her, and so glad she emailed me. We are very much alike and she is very easy to talk to and be comfortable.

Tonight I hope to get things together ready to mail out tomorrow. I have some RAOK's (Random Acts Of Kindness) to mail out, and a few surprises. I also plan on printing the cards for the Comfort Doll Project hand in heart charms so they can be mailed. I was so pleased to ship three dozen out in time for the Holidays. Thanks angels!!!!!

Working with images, you can imagine the thousands I have collected through the years. DS bought me an external memory keeper and is going to transfer everything I don't use often to clean up my laptop a bit. I need to organize my pictures but that would take forever.

I am anxiously anticipating Gail's digital brushes and stamps 101 class.This gal ahs so much to offer. She paints, plays with clay, etc. Since meeting so many new bloggers last year, and seeing the various mixed media artwork, I have found myself wanting to explore so many things.....along with CQ of course...can't set that aside. Stampington's magazines have certainly been the inspiration for many new projects and I thank them and the artists who freely share their work. I can't imagine life without this resource now. It is refreshing to make something foreign to you in between crazy quilting projects. You wouldn't think so, but it clears the mind, instead of cluttering it.

Two days until the New Year, and I already feel like I have started with a clean slate. I have found things for the last month of my etsy shop and plan on adding things when I find them to hopefully clear some of this out of here. There have been many inquiries about the closing, and I will be offering things on my blog if and when I make them. Much easier to maintain.
I did resign as writer for CQMag. Although I hate leaving, this will be my last issue. It is time for a fresh face :-) I think. If there were more hours in a day, or less fun things to try, I would not leave, but.............................

My Mermaid's Tale fiber book returned home Saturday. It was nice to see it again. Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments on it, and I am glad you found Sew Somerset Diane! :-)
Sorry it was such a hastle to find. I saw it at Border's finally yesterday.

Can you tell I haven't blogged in a few days? Random blabbering!!! I will call it a day and hope to share some fun things with you soon.

Get ready for the puzzle piece swap,"Pieces of Freindship" coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you are having a nice holiday. Was so nice to read your blog today. It was like getting a sweet letter from a friend. I imagine everyone feels that way. I can't wait to see the things that you will be doing in the new year.

  2. Pat what a wonderful gift from your DH. The sound of water in a garden is heaven on earth to me. I was back to Barnes & Noble and wallah there was SEW and the beautiful article about you. The gal from B &N came over to me and said after I left the first time they decided to order it. (my goodness I influenced B & N!). She said it is selling out. But ofcourse silly girl!!! I showed her your article, she wandered away reading it. We have to keep these folks informed, don't we. LOL Gleefully, Sharon

  3. I hope you have a wonderfull New year 2009. I love the music you have on your blog/Tussegumman


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