Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Catching up! Sharing goodies.

There is so much to catch up on. I really don't know where to begin. I have received more comfort dolls which will be posted on the CD blog soon. Thanks Nora Goodman and Deb Newton!!!!

I guess I will start by sharing some beautiful and fun surprises from friends. I know everyone enjoys the sharing process on blogs. I have found many new products and sources from blog sharing.

My friend and fellow blogger Judy Shaw sent me a smoothed black cobble(stone) from the beach. To many, this may seem odd, but to me it is special. I enjoy reading Judy's blog because she share her journeys with wonderful pictures. She also included a beautiful cotton fabric with metallic accents...(this is my favorite kind of cotton), and a pretty little gold starfish charm from her favorite quilt shop, and a CQ card and postcard from her recent trip. How sweet of you to think of me Judy. I will enjoy your treasures and put the cobble near my mermaid tear (sea glass) collection with your name on the back :-)

My friend Vanessa sent these very delicate tatted treasures. She was in the mood to tat! I will enjoy using them in my personal projects.Thank you Vanessa, they are beautiful!My stitching friend Marjorie made me a pretty Autumn card and tucked in a hand made laying tool which is adorable and so very needful. The squirrel charm is so cute, and I can't loose it at a meeting because it is personalized!!!! Thanks Marjorie. I love this idea and it is in my current project sewing box!
This beautiful travel sewing kit is from Lilla. We have been exchanging goodies for a few years, and I'm afraid I always get the better end of the swap. Lilla's creations are exquisite. They are always noticed by visitors to my studio. This travel kit is more beautiful in person with it's soft muted colors of Dupioni silk. Lilla adds delicate touches of embroidery to her work which is delightful. Inside offers two pockets which she tucked away silk ribbon,tape measure,needle threader,and needles.
Thanks again Lilla for a treasure to enjoy for many years.

Now, for my little projects that have kept my hands busy. I am working on a small CQ project. Here is a sneak peek.Yesterday I stopped at La Beada Loca, Myra's bead shop in Valpo. Myra is the beader I met at the October Quilt show I participated in.
I surprisingly got a lesson in making a bracelet using a Kumihimo disc which I ordered last week. It arrived and I opened it, saw the directions were in Japanese, and set it aside.
I learned about this tool on my last visit to Myra's shop. She showed me a bracelet she had made with the disc and I melted. It was pastel,had beads and fibers. Enough said! I had to learn this, so I ordered the disc. Myra taught me in no time and I completed a bracelet in under and hour. I went home and made another and then a necklace. I need to add the clasps and it will be done! Thanks Myra. It is going to be dangerous, us meeting, I can see that now.
If anyone visits Chesterton,Valparaiso,Merrillville,Michigan City,LaPorte, and love beads, I urge you to visit Myra's shop. There are so many new projects that I have never heard of. She has examples laying everywhere.

I also wanted to say my "Romance Wrist warmers" arrived!!! They are delicate, beautiful and warm! I wore them yesterday and was complimented several times with many peope taking down Bella McBride's info. If anyone was considering purchasing a set or the pattern, I give it a huge thumbs up. I don't know of anyone who wouldn't love a set of these. Thanks Bella, I love them.

I am off to get ready to meet Jill for lunch and browse a bead shop,a local closing quilt shop,JoAnn fabrics, hob lob, and wherever else we may end up! I hope you all have a great day and spend some time creating! Be on the lookout...I feel a giveaway coming soon!


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  4. Pat, love all the goods you receive. I miss out here in the Islands. Boohoo. But I get to travel.
    Happy you like the kit. It was difficult to think of something for you this time. You seem to have it all.
    Enjoy and of course use it.
    Luv Lilla with aloha


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