Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy weekend

It has been so busy around here this weekend. DH wanted to go shopping yesterday, not realizing it was Saturday.....I just thought he wanted to punish me taking me out in crowds , LOL. I didn't say anything and reluctantly got ready. When he saw the parking lot, he realized it was the weekend...that's what you get when you are off for weeks at a time I guess. Your days get mixed up. We walked into the store and saw the lines at the checkout ..turned...departed...and went to a restaurant. Whew! That was close.

I did get the pillow finished . I added lavender buds with the polyfil and used the large ecru crocheted lace for the finishing ruffle. It is bigger than it looks.

I also made a few more doll charms. The green one in the back needs another arm though.They are so cute and fun to make. These are mistakes, so they will go in a box. (See the shoulders? Right, they are missing...whoops!)

This week will most likely be busy also, but I hope to check in mid week at least. Mom's birthday is the 17th, Angell's birthday is the 18th, and our Anniversary is the 19th.
I hope everyone is finished with shopping and having time to create.


  1. Those are just the sweetest dolls, Pat. I'm happy you got the stamp.

  2. Your pillow is lovely! The little ballerinas are so sweet! I would've never noticed the shoulder thing had you not pointed it out! I still don't think it's very noticable.

  3. Our anniversary is the 19th, too! 40+ years together. Love your dolls. Who needs shoulders? If guys can go neck-less, we can go shoulder-less. =) The little pillow is wonderful. I love the green lace in the lower right.

  4. Hi Pat , i will ask you is the doll a stamp ??
    I love them very much !
    Xox Rini / Catharina

  5. Sooo pretty! Oh ~ my little doll sits in her box right next to my computer. I play with her while I am waiting for my very sloooow computer to boot up! I just noticed the other day that her little arms move!


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