Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking and candy making! NEW NIECE!!!!

My guys went to see, "The day the earth stood still ", and I am home alone so I started baking my rum cakes, fresh butter caramel for the pecan turtles or "Pixies", black walnut choc fudge (made with nuts from our trees) and some spritz cookies.

Next I will make Grandma's peanut butter fudge, Spinach dip, and assemble the turtles.

Mom just phoned....I am an AUNT again!!! My other niece in HI just had her second child and first little girl. They named her Alyssa Lynn Nohelani (the father is Hawaiian so they always have a third Hawaiian name). 6 lbs 8 ozs. Now Stephanie has a son and daughter and her sister Sophia has a daughter.
Well, I know what I won't be giving, LOL!!!!

I've been tying up loose ends while I have some alone time. I found the three little velvet purses I made last week on a shelf this morning. It seems I had forgotten to put them in my etsy shop so I just did that. I'll put the newest purse in later today. I really like how it turned out, but I have way too many purses, and just purchased one too. (My sickness) I used a coupon and bought a large black "LIZ & Co" purse which I love. It fits my huge sunglass case and everything I don't need. Perfect!!!!
DH calls it my suitcase. Funny man.

The pillow I made for a friend arrived and she sent me a photo of how well it matched her bedroom. I was so relieved because I had no idea what colors she decorates with. Whew! I think it looks great, and the colors are right on. I was nervous for nothing :-) Yes,fellow crazy quilters, I know when you saw the beautiful bedspread you were thinking....hmmmm beautiful fabrics to cut up for CQ!!! Me too! LOL.

I had better get back to the kitchen. I have much more to do. Hopefully I can deliver my treats early in the morning . It is snowing but much warmer, 17 degrees. LOL! It has been 1 below the past few days, so this is warm.
Oh how I miss floating in the pool with the sun shining, dragonflies flitting about and warm breezes blowing...........................dream on!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Pat~
    I'm new to blogging and haven't blogged since Oct., but I'll get back to it after Christmas. Your purses are lovely. I love your work. I read your blog real often. Hope after Christmas you will stop by and visit me. I do some CQ too, but I also paint.

  2. Merry Christmas, Pat, from the cold and snowy PNW!

  3. Oh, Pat, deliciousness all! Candies, cookies and embroideries!

    Wishing you a Merry, Merry Christmas
    Blogging Friend!


  4. Pat, everything you make is so pretty. I love these little purses. Very Victorian!

  5. I always make spritz cookies too!
    This year ~ I once again forgot to buy regular food coloring and just had NEON colors. They turned out a pukey pink so I didn't post the pics ~he!he!

  6. Lovely purses. You have great talent.


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