Saturday, November 29, 2008

What to do when everyone else is sleeping

With the price of magazines these days, I have found myself only purchasing the ones that have ideas that I know I will use in some way or when a friend is published. $10 to $15 each is a lot to fork out for six or more magazines every few months not to mention the monthly purchases, so I have cut down a lot.

Surprisingly, I have found myself browsing through Quilting Arts and the Cloth Paper Scissors but not purchasing them. However, Artful Blogging, Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire, Somerset Life, the new Where Women Create, and other publications from Stampington have taken my attention. I dream of the day a real Crazy Quilting magazine is published. I have thought of doing this myself only to realize I don't want a job,LOL. I'd rather play.

Perhaps my creative side needs a change or maybe it is because they touch on a wider variety of projects and that inpires me more? I'm not sure, but all I know is that I would really miss my magazine fix way more than chocolate, so I will continue to indulge when possible.

I don't make a habit of actually making the projects shown in magazines, but take inspiration instead.However, this morning while the guys were still sleeping I thumbed through the Autumn 08 issue of Somerset life for the millionth time and decided to try the Button Ribbon Spools on page 43 by Terisa Brooks Huddleston. I gathered my grandmother's button box and the cookie jar filled with Vintage buttons, a spool of organza ribbon, and tip toed to the kitchen to retrieve drinking straws...note to more straws! I sat Indian style in the middle of my studio floor with Angell on my lap of course, and created some pretty ribbon spools of my own. I would like to make enough to fill the little woven and beaded basket I had purchased at the fiber show.
The purple celluloid button was from grandma's button box...she loved purple! It was therapeutic and I have organzied a few of my Jacquard ribbons. The only tip I would suggest would be to use a bit of double sided tape on the straw to start rolling the ribbon because ribbons and plastic straws make for a slippery slide. Thanks to Terisa for this fun and very pretty way to store your ribbons.....I am off to gather more ribbons!


  1. Love this delightful pretty it will look in any room...but certainly will dress up your work room.!!!

  2. What pretty spools those made! I especially like the one with your grandmother's purple button. How pretty! Thanks for sharing what you did.

  3. Those spools are gorgeous. And Terisa's blog entry was hilarious. I just got asked the same kind of questions on Thanksgiving by a variety of family members about the stuff I do. I forget that there is a world at there that just doesn't understand. Their loss, of course.

  4. Those spools are so pretty. A terrific idea, going to check out Theresa's blog to see how to do this.


  5. Pat,
    First things first....I am sooo glad I'm not the only one who reads these magazines a million time through! You have made me feel NORMAL!
    Second thank you for the link and I'm glad you have found a use for these spools. It was just one of those days were the need was there and it all came together.

  6. Oh Pat, this is a wonderful idea, I just love it. I am going to have to do this as well. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Thanks so much for the great idea to use double sided tape. I'll use it to organize my Jacquard ribbons.

  8. Love the spools!! They are beautiful : )

  9. How pretty these spools are, Pat.

    You know, I've gotten to the point where I'd rather spend $14.99 on a magazine like Somerset publishes than pay $4.99 for a magazine full of advertising. I never keep those. I cut them up and save the few worthwhile pictures as inspiration, which don't seem to be that many anymore.

    On the other hand, all the Somerset books I keep forever! They're timeless and still cheaper than hardcover craft books and even the soft covered ones for l9.99.

    Like you, I usually get inspiration but don't copy projects exactly.


  10. Thanks ladies, but the credit all goes to Terisa for such a great idea. I love my spools now and every time I add Jacquard ribbons to my stash they will receive one of Terisa's spools to "live" on.
    Diane, I agree about the books with magazines, and I think the nicer magazines like Stampington issues are WELL worth the price. I guess I meant I am just more selective on which ones I purchase because I could go broke with all the beautiful selections out there. :-)

  11. I completely agree ~ re: the price of the magazines. This year ~ started doing the same thing ~ except when a certain girl I know has her work in one!
    I am very much grieving the Old Quilting Arts! I have all the first few years of issues. The woman that taught me crazy quilting ~ Leslie Levinson ~ used to write for them and shared wonderful stiching ideas.Now ~ every issue looks the same.


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