Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shopping mood thanks to Terri T!!!!!

I went to my bud Terri's blog and saw her pretties she shopped for last week which got me in the shopping mood. Online shopping that is very cold here this morning and I am settling in for a day of sewing. DH has had his pancakes, and I had a sweet potato for breakfast. It was yummy!!!!

So anyway, I visited another blogging friend, Pattie's blog and fell in love with these crocheted cuffs. I hurried to the etsy site to buy them because they are so "me"....only to find the shop owner only sold patterns. To a non crocheter (new word) that is like buying a car with no wheels. Impossible!!!!
I will continue my search, I am sure someone sells them. I has my eye on a jean jacket, and now it is mine...with those cuffs....oh my! I love unusual accessories, and before Lane's influence, I would shy away from things I love because they might bring unwanted attention to me. I am ok with that now, well, lets say I'm better about it and not as uncomfortable. Thanks style consultant :-)

Against my better judgement, I am off to browse etsy for cuffs and must haves.....if I find something irresitable, I will share.... Ta Ta for now!

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