Friday, November 14, 2008

Quiltfest yesterday

I had such a fun day yesterday with Karen and Jill. We departed at 8:30am and returned home around 10:00pm. On our way to the quilt show we kind of took a detour into the city and where did we end up? The fabulous three floor Textile Warehouse that Ellen took me to last summer. naturally I was hyperventilating :-) We were all over that place and saw amazing fabrics. These pieces were freebies. Each piece is very usable too. I picked up a few new colors of silk dupioni and found a beautiful pale moire with a floral pattern in it. I had never seen that before.I had forgotten my camera in the car but before we drove away I did manage to get some pics of this beautiful old building across the street from the warehouse. Look at the ghost in the broken window. Wouldn't you just love to fix this place up? The ornate decoration is metal. It looks like marble or granite, but a gentleman knew all about it and was so nice to share.The quilt show was very nice as it was smaller than the International Spring show. No crowds,no huge backpacks knocking me over, just space to browse, great vendors,and beautiful quilts, dolls, and garments. Here are a few of my favorites. The theme fabric was Hoffman peacocks...can you tell? I love this jacket....

and this doll's face is really nice. A softer expression than most I think.

Now this doll...whoops! That's Karen! With the turquoise vest I thought it was another peacock doll!!!! Nonetheless, still a doll.

This was the first time a vendor was selling all sizes of metal purse clasps at a show I attended... and you know I was enjoying that booth!

We then went to Dick Blick's...Yes! I actually was in a Dick Blick store and it was amazing. I will certainly return for a closer inspection. We at at The Red Tomato and their house Rance dressing is wonderful. Our last stop was Home Goods, which I fell in love with. I also walked next door to the Container Store and was not impressed by their prices...whoa!!!!! A little high in my opinion, but neat stuff.

Dh brought home some DVD's, so I gotta go for now. Karen and Jill, thanks for a beautiful and fun day!


  1. Pat, that building is great! Can you picture it restored! What fun to have unlimited funds to do something like that!


  2. Pat, thanks for posting a few pics of the show. I wish they had more shows like that in Australia.
    Cheers, Larna.
    Oh. That house what a dream it would be done up.


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