Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lots of snow this morning....chit chat ramblings

Well, last night we had quite a snowfall. I took pictures, but they didn't turn out so I will wait until daylight and take more to share.
I certainly am enjoying the magazine, "Where Women Create". I was thrilled to find Marcia Ceppos of Tinsel Trading Company...oh my! I really envy my bud Terri now.....:-) She has been there, done that. I'm afraid if I stepped inside, they would have to drag me out kicking and screaming by my heals. I just love looking at all the stuff, it feeds my muse. I don't have to have it, but let me look please.
Jenny Doh shares her creative space,which is wonderful, and Sally Jean, the soldered charm queen has a studio to die for. I noticed these women make their creative space into a living space as well because they must spend most of their time there, and I would too. Oh to have room for a couch and two comfy chairs.....this may happen next Spring.
As many of you know, I live in the small town of Chesterton.It is on Lake Michigan, and an hour from Chicago or 30 minutes from Michigan where fun small shops speckle the tiny towns.

The past couple of years I have mentioned offering classes at my home to friend and family, but my house is not huge, and we use it to suit the way we live. Instead of a dining room, we eat in the kitchen at the breakfast bar. For years my dining room was only used twice a year for Holidays, and I wanted my home to have well used spaces, not show rooms. That's not my style. Therefore, grandma's dining set is stored away, and DH has his TV /living room, and I have a sitting/stitching room. It has worked well for us, but soon we will be redecorating and I have really fallen in love with the shabby chic look with creamy white distressed dining table ,chairs, and china cabinet. I will be painting my grandmother's set and using that because it is what I love, and can't possibly bring myself to part with something she wanted me to have. I will fill the creamy white shelves of the china cabinet with my mismatched teacups, depressionware lemonade set, and hang lace hankies off the edge. DH will make his TV/living room in my sitting room which I would happily give up for this.

My DH suggested I turn the garden shed into a place to hold crazy quilt class or meetings.Since I would limit the number of attendees to 6, we would have plenty of room. I was just talking to my pal Laney about that too. I would have to install a temporary floor covering such as a large sisal carpet or possibly an oriental because the floor is brick at the moment and I do not want to permanently cover that up. Of course the shed is not insulated because it is a brick building which was a Summer kitchen over 130 years ago. Depending on the time of year, I could use a little electric space heater if needed. Little white lights would surround the ceiling, shop lights would hang above a main table or two. I could gather mismatched chairs. Scented candles and sweet Annie wreaths would hang above the windows...bins of fabric scraps cold sit in a corner for those needing something different that what they brought.......Hmmm, something to ponder.

I have also been considering hosting a crazy quilt retreat/class . I would love to host a "Seascape" project retreat. I thought the first day we could meet at my home and stitch our seascape base in the "Gathering shed", and have tea in the garden.
The next morning we could rise early and take a beach walk to collect mermaid's tears, tiny driftwood, etc, for our seascapes and start embellishing at the covered picnic area at the beach until lunch, which we could pack a picnic for or just do our own thing. There are many restaurants in town,just a few miles toward home. We could visit Blue Stem beads about 6 miles from the beach. Sherrill is a sweetie and she has beautiful metal fish beads,shells,seed beads, etc if you need any supplies for your seascape. We could dye silk ribbon and paint lace one evening too.

The Hilton is approximately 3 miles from my home, and there are several hotels in town 6 miles away, so that should be no problem. I live near a watershed where there is a covered picnic/meeting area where we could stich one day as well as we listen to the waterfall.
So many ideas, I just need to see if the interest is there.

Well, it is daylight and I am going to run out for some beautiful Winter pics....be back in a jiffy!

The front yard.....

The shed, I mean, "The Gathering Shed"...:-) off the back deck.
A garden entrance.

I hope you didn't fall asleep..hey...you....wake up! With the first snowfall that blankets my world in white, I feel the need to bake. With Thansgiving next week I may make pumpkin rolls and freeze them. Maybe I should work on a sewing project...or make Inner child dolls...or perhaps bundle up and hit the antique mall in town to search for a pie bird....my newest interest. Grandma had one that I always played with. I thought it was a boken toy because of the way it was made. I love the bird theme and think that will be my main accessory when we redecorate. Simple birds, nests, and cages of all kinds, whitewashed, or in pretty soft green and pink. Aren't we fortunate to be able to dream?
Have a glorious day my friends.


  1. I envy you for all the snow! I love snow, just not ice. If you every have a crazy quilt getaway, I would love to attend! Chesterton's not so very far away!

  2. Your retreat idea sounds wonderful.
    You could count me in.
    Love to learn some of your teaching ideas.
    How far would that be from southern Iowa?
    I have a sister from southern Mo. who likes retreats as well.
    We have had snow but not as much as you on the lake front.

  3. Loved hearing your dreams and your reminder to live each day to the fullest, something we forget all too often! As for the snow....I'm not thrilled with it except for looking....too long in Wisconsin, I think. Here we have the rain and you don't have to shovel it although it's pretty in its own way and oh so necessary for growing things.

  4. Hi Pam,
    I love snow, it covers all ugliness with its wonderful white blanket. I'm incorrigible romantic but believe me, snow makes me more romantic.
    Your dreams sound fantastic, please try to make true and please add my name on to your reservation list in advance:)
    I'm planning to go CQ Festival in Chicago. Before or after that event, I would love to join your retreat with a great pleasure.

  5. Well Pat, I am back from my shopping ,LOL!!! You are such a "good" influence on me. I have both magazines a glass of wine and my big furry bathrobe waiting for me. I shall now proceed to never never land and dream. The magazines are wonderful... mmmmmm!
    PS Indiana is a bit far but I'm thinking it would be oh so much fun! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Ok young lady ~ this is little comment space is too small for me to comment !!!!!
    Tired as I am ~ I am going to put a pair of warm socks on ~ pour a glass of wine ~ I'll meet you back in my sewing room in 5 minutes for a long email!!!!!

  7. Your retreat sounds wonderful, and very doable. If you are making a list, please keep me informed. I'm in the shouth suburbs of Chicago.
    jcompeau at tblusa dot org

  8. Brrrrr! I'll stay down here until you warm up there! I love your retreat plans.

  9. Your dreams for the Garden Shed as a lovely place to host CQ retreats are beautiful! I'd love to attend a Seascape retreat as you described!


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