Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just finished "Nessa"

Oh help me!!!! Last nights doll workshop has got me hooked on making these little creatures again. I just finished this tiny one for a friend.
Her name is Nessa, named after her soon to be mom, Vanessa. She is 15 minutes old and a preemie. Since she is just a baby, I will have to learn from her new momma how she turns out.She seems to be a happy baby though, no crying so far. :-) She will be leaving the "hospital" tomorrow and her new mom will have her home safe for the holidays.

I must make some of these for etsy because I know they will bring smiles and joy to others. I want to keep Nessa, but her home is with Vanessa, I'm sure of that.

It's cold out and I have nothing pressing me, so I will keep creating....stay tuned, you never know what I will produce, LOL.


  1. What a little cutie with such a sweet face, Pat. No wonder you are smitten! What's your source for the charms you use for the hands and feet?

  2. What an adorable little doll. Your work, as always, is so feminine.

  3. Pat, Nessa is so cut.She will surely bring smiles to that babies face.
    PS. I tagged you just recently.Sharon tagged me and I had to ask for instructions LOL


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