Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just breathe

"Breathe", "It's your only obligation". Well said Eleanor Roosevelt!

That was my plan for the just breathe.....anything else was gravy.

So after my guys left to see the new Bond movie I straightened the house,turned on Christmas music, lit a candle, and sat down to create something that was swimming around in my mind for a while. So..... here is the gravy>>>>>>>>..
A smaller version of the crazy quilted wooden macrame bead pendant.
I've learned it isn't easy to find the 2" wooden barrel beads so I opted to attempt to cover a smaller one. It was a bit fussier to work with, but turned out just fine. I enjoy finding the right baubles for the tassel.
I have a fun tool made by a friend to share with you tomorrow as well as a few goodies. I am off to spend some time with the guys. Have a great evening.


  1. Oh Pat,

    It really is more then incredible!!
    The colors are so warm and inviting!! I love it :c)

    Pattie :c)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  2. What a lovely bead! Your stitching talent is amazing!

  3. Very pretty, just like the larger version.

  4. I love Eleanor Roosevelt quotes... what a practical and spunky lady! Very aware of the female insanity of taking on too much ;) That pendant is so pretty.... lots of details and great color! wow! A great way to spend the day!

  5. Beautiful Pendant!!
    Eleanor, very strong women.
    Always a favorite. Thanks for the quote.
    I faithfully always follow you.
    You are a very inspiring woman as well.

  6. What a lovely pendant!!!
    Pat, these lovely colors reminds me summer time and a lovely seaside:)
    I like Mrs.Roosevelt's quotes, I wish she could be much more known at the all over the world.
    Best wishes from Ankara,

  7. So tiny and so precious!
    Hope you enjoyed your quiet time, looks like you made some progress. Just more beautiful work!

  8. Oh how pretty and unusual! You really have a knack Pat, for coming up with some interesting application's for CQ!

  9. I jsut finished my block for Monica with your square as my inspiration piece!
    I can't believe your beads! So much detail in such a small space! Beautiful.



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