Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been tagged...three times!!!!

Larna Ezzy , a new blogging friend , and exceptional crazy quilter who has been so sweet, has tagged me and I'm suppose to give 6 obscure facts about me,hmmmmm.....Let's see...
1.I love receiving nature gifts such as abandoned nests (bee or bird), beautiful bugs that have expired, and bird eggs from my husband.
2. I love office supplies and can spend hours in Staples or Office Max usually not buying a thing.
3. To me, finding sea glass is as exciting as finding gold. Once pollution, now a smooth treasure.
4. Although somewhat shy, I enjoy teaching a small group and could do it daily.
5. I love to crazy quilt but dislike sewing by machine.
6. My favorite bouquets are wildflowers and roadside "weeds".
I tag~~

Sharon Chapman also tagged me, but I think it was really Teddy because Angell has not been allowed computer time in a while....actually, Sharon flatters me and I am honored to be chosen by her. Here are 6 more obscure things about me...
1. I can't stand to touch a dry cotton dish towel with wet sends chills up my spine.
2. I can't watch a movie when there is an underwater shot. I can't breathe so I have to close my eyes and ask DH if they are finished.
3. I love to read but haven't read a book in a year. That must change.
4. I want to learn how to digitally alter so I can make my own images.
5. I am addicted to pomegranates.
6. When I am talking about flowers, I refer to them as "he". EX...."He needs to be separated and moved". I think it drives my MIL crazy.(that's not why I do it though)
I tag~~
1.Lisa A
2.Lisa R

Then Wendy Shu tagged me for the Bookworm Award.

These are the "rules",Pass this on to 5 blogging friends.

Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book,
but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56.

Write out the 5th sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that...

I happen to be sitting in my studio and the closest book to me is "Crazy as a Bed-Quilt. This is quite a task because they stopped numbering the pages after 28 so I have to count....hmmmmm
ok, here is page 56 (I hope) and the 5th sentence plus three.
~~There are ball-dresses long past their splendor,White robes which some bride must have worn: Queer ribbons,old bonnets and waistecoats, And from each one a section was shorn.

I pass this to~~
1.Marjorie Holme....I bet she has a college law book nearest to her :-)
2.Brenda Wampler...She may have Cloth Paper Scissors near her..congratulations, it is pretty neat!
3.Cathy....She will have some type of paper art or decorating book near her????
4.Grace....perhaps a beading book???? She certainly doesn't need one!
5.Ati....perhaps a stitchery book???

This was not easy.....Now I need a vacation,LOL.


  1. Thank you for including me, Pat.

  2. Thanks for the tag. I"ll put up a post next week : )


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