Sunday, November 16, 2008

Inner child dolls, four new little ones

I received an order for four Inner Child dolls and made them yesterday and this morning. I haven't named them yet, or written their little stories (something new I decided to tuck in with each one) but here they are for review. I actually spent the time making them with DH in front of the TV, so that is what I call well used time.
The first one is sitting down which only looks right in person. I love the fabric on the third one with the brown background.
The pastel one on the far right is waiting for her wings to dry. I gave them a coat of pale purple polish.

I'm looking forward to a few friends coming over this week to make these little creatures. It should be fun and fragrant with the scent of Lavender.

Not much else going on as I start to prepare a shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner and freshen up DS's room. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, which is the start of a 5 week vacation for DH.


  1. these are fabulous!! where exactly in Indiana are you?:) sitting across the table working with you sounds like a true delight!

  2. These are precious Pat. I love them all, especiallythe little one waiting for her wings to dry!


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