Saturday, November 08, 2008

I received an award!!!!

Brenda Wampler...gave me an award last week and I truly am humbled by her comments. I met Brenda through the Pink Charm Exchange and have enjoyed exchanging emails and visiting her blog. SO many neat things she does. I recently found several items of hers in the Autumn 2008 issue of Haute Handbags magazine. I recognized her adorable photo on page 8 of when she was a sweet little cute! It takes me a few times through every new issue before I actually sit and read articles and credits. I guess I just absorb the eye candy first, you know, since it is so very satisfying with zero calories and all. Thank you for this award Ben.

I am sorry it took so long to list my selections for this award, but I am here now, and ready to do it.I am supposed to pick four other bloggers that I frequent, and a new blogging friend.I am going to try to choose someone I haven't sent an award to which is hard because there are so many inspirational blogs I frequent. Here goes..........

1. Lilla LeVine's work is phenomenal. I fell in love with it a few years ago and am still amazed at what and how much she produces.
2.Pattie is one I visit often because she is always posting beautiful photos of her surroundings which inspire me.
3.Sharon 's blog is a must because not only do I get to see pretties, but Angell and her Teddy seem to be online friends too. They sneak around behind our backs and email each other.
4.Karrin's blog is always offering new things to see. She is one busy bee!
New Blogging friend. Larna. Larna is a crazy quilter and mixed media artist who teaches crazy quilting in AU. Her work is inspirational .


  1. Pat, warmest congratulations on your award! You *do* have such a lovely blog, and I always enjoy visiting. I spent the weekend with Barb Engle, and we spoke of you -- all nice!! I had told her that I had finally joined the Comfort Doll project and needed to finish up my first batch this have an Admiration Society here in the DFW area!!

  2. Pat, Thank you so much. I am honored to receive this award from you. You are my inspiration and I consider you my mentor. Our friendship started with your lovely book and has most definately grown. I could go on and on but everyone knows what a joy you are. Teddy sends his woofs and licks to you and Angell. Thanks again. Sharon


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