Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgivng

Just wanted to pop in and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone! I just took out a pecan pie for DS and ....
pumpkin pie for DH and tossed in the the turkey. Yes, I bought the pie crusts, but not the contents. If I had planned better, I could have made the whole pies yesterday however I had errands to run and it was a pretty nice sunny day so I decided to clean the yard.

DH started his 5 week vacation also, and not knowing my plans, asked if I wanted to go see the movie,"Australia". Well, yes, but not now...too much to do . That will be nice after DS leaves.

Instead, after running my errands, I armed myself with the leaf blower and DH hooked up the trailer to his ATV and we tackled the leaf filled front yard. It took us three hours to trim the 6 Globe Arborvitae, the Lilac by the road, and dispose of an acre of wet packed leaves. While he was cleaning up the equipment, I took the blower to the garden and cleaned up the last of the leaves in there. Now I can enjoy the pretty scenes of the snow and ice formations throughout the garden this Winter . Your garden may not have colorful blooms if you have a freezing Winter season, but it can still be a beautiful place to stroll as it takes on a magical feel when it is covered in snow or ice. When you walk through a garden in Winter, it is a most peaceful place. So silent and clean.

One of my errands yesterday was to stop at the bead shop in Valpo to drop off information and sample of the Inner Child dolls. The owner, Myra came over the day before and learned to make one. She thought it would be fun to offer a class in her shop. Myra used her adorable grandson's photo for the face and it is really cute. So, classes will be held at the Valpo shop before Christmas so they can be given as gifts.

I have a lot more to share, but can't fit it in today....I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by your favorite people making happy memories!!! Gotta go make radish roses.......


  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Pat. Your pies look yummy!

  2. Congrats on setting up another class!!


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