Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Morning!!!!

It is still dark and I am wondering if there will be a beautiful sunrise this morning. I didn't get much accomplished over the weekend. Laney and I did another Antique mall run and checked out a few favorite shops but found nothing. The crowds have begun to form at the holidays near. Hopefully this morning while shopping with mom , I can take care of the bulk of items on my list so I won't have to venture out too many more times. Bitter cold blowing winds and crowded stores sound horrid don't they? I need a license plate that says,"I'd rather be stitching".

Speaking of stitching, I worked on this block yesterday and wanted to show the difference of photographing with and without a flash. I was discussing this with someone a few weeks ago and can't remember who. So, here is the block with the flash.........and without. The one without flash is closer to what it really looks like in person.Dark green and wine.The one with flash looks like claret and most of the green is washed out.
I have to finish this tonight and get busy on some Inner child dolls. I'm afraid my friends Becky and Karen are hooked on them....I'm so sorry girls. ;-)

I had better get going so I can make a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise...have a great day!


  1. one of my best buds is a professional photographer and, though I'm fairly accomplished, still have so much trouble with artwork. he said the key is not using a flash - wow, these two look like different color schemes altogether!
    they both look great though:)

  2. It fascinates me how you can see things in your work a different way when you photograph them. I, too, have noticed the camera's effect on color and your comments about flash. Have you ever noticed how jewelers use light to their advntage? And then there are the special lights in art museums. Hmmm, something to think about. Love the block in both lights!

  3. I think natural light is best and I always switch the flash mode off. The colour scheme of this block is just lovely. You always manage to accomplish so much in one day. Is it because you start your day very early or its just that its effortless for you to make such beautiful pieces of art?

  4. It's lovely! Did you get to see the sunrise?
    I nominated you for a Kreativ award over on my blog! I hope you have fun thinking of what you're thankful for too!


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