Monday, November 17, 2008

First day of holiday shopping.......First snowfall

My mother and I ventured out this morning to do a little holiday shopping.
It was very cold, and we had our first dusting of snow last night. That didn't stop us from having a wonderful time together. Yes, we would much rather have been strolling the beach, but we live here in IN, where you get 4 0r 5 warm months, and the rest is rainy, snowy, or just cold. We deal with it because we have no intentions of moving anytime soon. Besides, the snowfalls are beautiful, and we rarely get snowed in.
What would I do without cross country skiing, snowman building, snowball fights with DH,and picture perfect peaceful mornings stepping onto the porch that is dripping with icicles, watching big twinkling snowflakes fall from the sky and exhaling with force just to see my breath, then feeling refreshed , I dash back inside for a warm cup of tea.
Around here you learn to appreciate Winter months as much as Spring and Summer, not to mention the beautiful Autumn color show. I couldn't give up any season for they each hold so many special memories from my childhood as well as my son's. I think I am fortunate to have four season's and as each year passes, I realize that even more. I try to live each day as fully as I can because I know how quickly it passes. Much too soon. I always thought as we aged, we had more time. I thought days magically slowed down for us.With less duties as our children are grown, our homes the way we want them to be, tasks taken care of in a methodical manner each day, allowing us to put up our feet , pour another cup of tea and dream away the afternoon. Perhaps it is this way for some and perhaps I just fill my plate too full. Although I can't say that I would change a thing, as I would rather be busy, but I also would like the days to slow down a bit so I could fit more in.
Yes, I want the moon, so what? Who doesn't? I want it, however I know wanting is the best part. We all know you must not have all that you want, but to want what you have. Yes, I am saying this after a morning of shopping...I didn't say it had to make sense.

Alright, back to shopping.... We decided to attempt to walk the mall, something we rarely do because of crowds. It was quite empty, I'm sure the economy has something to do with that. We went in the Border's entrance so I browsed the magazines and found Somerset Life and Where Women Create.....I love that mag! If your stash allotment only allows for one monthly magazine, you must get Where Women Create. It is jammed full of beautiful creative space and eye candy. I thumbed through it , once forgetting to breath, but when I am through here, I will enjoy it in my comfy chair with a small glass of wine and a brown paper bag near my side in case I hyperventilate :-)
Tomorrow I will check out somerset Life, which also promises to be a fun read.
I had also picked up two books at the quilt show for inspiration, and they both are winners as well. The four books below will keep me entertained for quite a while.
After our feet told us it was time for a break , we stopped at the food court where my son's favorite , Maki of Japan, is located. I actually felt a lump in my throat for a moment and missed him not being there because we always eat there when we happen to be shopping together which we rarely do anymore since nature pulled the cruel trick on me and allowed him to grow up.

We ordered the Bourbon chicken and noodles which is wonderful, and no, I do not count WW points for that,LOL. There is no use. It is just considered a "free" day. We all need one each week.

We decided to quit for the day because we still had a few groceries to get on the way home. As I was smelling candles I heard beautiful calming music and found the source. Would you believe it was an inexpensive ($9.00) CD from Better Homes and Gardens? It was titled, "My Time", how appropriate. The music seemed so familiar to me although I had never heard it before. I popped it into the player the moment we got into the car, then looked at the inside cover which was sealed. This is what I saw.........
Yes, it figures it spoke to me right? It is playing right now, and I do recommend it for your studio.

When I returned home DH was right behind me, so he carried in everything..yeah!!! I lucked out. Well, I did have to put everything away...then cook....and do the dishes. :-)

After dinner I opened my mail and happily discovered my velvet leaves had arrived. I can't get velvet milinery off my mind ever since the antique shop trip with Laney, when I found that neat hat with the velvet flowers. I am waiting for my muse to strike, so watch out! I'll be ready!

I was going to start a project but instead I started to peel a pomegranate. I could see this could get messy so I took it downstairs and sat with DH to watch Law and Order.
I ate it right down to the last morsels. What is the attraction? Is it the crisp burst of tangy sweetness? The digging for gold? The yearning to stain your index finger purple as you coax these delicate buds from their honeycomb nest? Or the weird looks you get from your spouse as you giggle when a kernel explodes in your eye? Whatever it is, I have two more waiting for me this week. I will research it further ;-)

My music has stopped, and I am bidding you all a good night. Enjoy it, you know I will!


  1. Dear Pat,
    What a lovely day you had and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Always a pleasure to read them. Have a good night.

  2. Goodmorning Pat....
    I enjoyed reading about your adventures and enjoyed every moment along with you from the crisp snowy morning to the pomeganate and purple fingers!!!
    We have just had our first snowfall too... I am not a fan of winter, but I suppose I should enjoy it and not wish the time away!!! I will be interested in seeing what you do with the velvet leaves.... It will be something special I'm sure of that....I am going to look up the CD and also the magazines you mentioned .
    Thanks for a lovely time....
    Have a great day..

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. Pat you should keep all these blogs in a journal. It would make a nice book. I love reading about your adventures through life. Love your attitude. I'm off to buy a pomagranite and magazines.....LOL oh yes and the CD too.....!Sharon

  4. Sweet Pat,

    When I was in the States last month I picked up the current Somerset Life, Studio, and the Holiday & Celebrations magazines. But Where Women Create wasn't out yet:c( I had to order that one. Sometimes oders of books come in 2-21/2 weeks :c)but then sometimes it can be a month :c(. Oh but you will love the Somerset Life!! I read it from one cover to the other even the adds:c)

    Pattie :c)
    Mazatlan Mexico


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