Sunday, November 09, 2008

Finished eyeglass cases

Hmmm. I wonder why there is a few Chihuahua hairs on my keyboard? Sweet Angell is asleep on her pillow. Besides, she knows she isn't allowed up here.

I finished the eyeglass cases for a woman in Florida and thought I would share them with you. I enjoyed working with the rich Tuscan colors. Tammy wanted the sunflower from my CQ in the center with a bee charm. I was worried about the pale teal and pink one but I have to say, it is really pretty in person, and perhaps my favorite so far. I reluctantly used a piece of tatting made by my friend Wendy in Singapore. I wanted this case to be light and airy yet have lots of texture. Tatting provides that. I rarely use something meant for me, and I treasure Wendy's tatting because I cannot do it and I love it, and it's from Wendy's hands, but sharing a piece that really looks nice on a project is a good least I keep telling myself that :-)
So these will be on their way tomorrow and another task marked off my list.


  1. They are both nice, but the pale teal and pink one is spectacular! Why would you feel badly about using a friends tatting on a beautiful piece such as this? I would think any tatter would feel honored to have their work showcased in such a beautiful manner! I LOVE it when you use real tatting on your work. It give it that something extra special.

  2. The eyeglass cases are beautiful! I love the idea of showcasing tatting on these little works of art!


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