Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doll making with the girls

I'm going to bend over, and someone (only one) of you can kick me. Last night Karen and Becky came over for a doll making workshop and I forgot to take pictures for my scrapbook. I guess that proves I was having too much fun to think about pictures.Earlier in the day I started two Inner child dolls to surprise the girls. I embellished and stuffed them in time for them to take home, but I didn't get to add the feet and such so I put their accessories in a little bag for them to finish. I thought they needed a little sweet smelling token from our "girls night".
Anyway, we had fun and Karen brought the Comfort Dolls she had sewn together earlier this week. She did an excellent job. Becky shared a few of her crazy quilt blocks......I'm afraid the CQ bug bit her pretty bad....poor girl. I forgot to tell her there was no remedy for that. :-)

Speaking of dolls, Several Comfort Dolls arrived yesterday. I will be photographing them and posting on the CD blog today as well as contacting shelters for our 23th dozen.

For those of you who have the newest issue of Somerset Life, have you fallen in love with the doll necklace on page 53? I have been trying since I saw it two days ago, to order the stamp and the link to fusion stamps doesn't work. I typed it in my browser several times, and nothing...does anyone know how to contact them????? I really need that stamp...Badly!!!!

I just learned Fusion art stamps are no longer in business and you must order through a Netherlands site which seemed to be very confusing. If anyone in the Netherlands will purchase this stamp for me and has PayPal, I can reimburse you or send whatever you would like as far as crazy quilt supplies or a finished item in exchange for the stamp value.

I thought they would be cute to use as ornaments on packages for friends at Christmas. So, HELP!!!!! Please!!! Did I mention that this issue of Somerset life is excellent?????? Page 110 has the most awesome advent calender. If I had a sister, I would make that for her. Each year I would refill it with new treasures. Why a sister? because I could borrow the goodies in the pockets, LOL!!!!!

I will be browsing "Where Women Create" today and I am sure I will find some great tips to further organize my studio. Angell is wanting to go out, so I will catch you all later. Have a good one!


  1. If you get a line on that stamp, would you please let me know? I've also been hunting desperately for it. This issue of Somerset Life did have a lot of goodies. Marjorie

  2. I will let you know Marjorie!!!

  3. Hi there! I'm from the Netherlands and I will try to reach this firm first. As a quick browse told me that they were having a holiday until June 27th, so perhaps this page is expired, or they changed address . You'll hear from me!

  4. I think I can order these stamps for you, no problem.


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