Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Autumnal colors

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day so I grabbed my camera and took a few photos on my way to mom's house. The intense peach,

and golden leaves were breathtaking. Such pure color in large quantities right before your eyes. This photo is of the road mom lives on. A week ago it was as if you were in a golden tunnel but now most of the leaves have fallen from the taller trees as you can see.

Naturally we ended up at the beach for a walk. I snapped some shots of beach glass to show you where it is found. Here is mom holding a large green piece. Sometimes it hides between rocks,

sometimes it is buried in sand, and sometimes it is just laying there right in front of you.Several people walked right past this one.
The shore birds were no where to be found but they did leave a feather behind....or is that a "behind" feather???? :-)
There were a few other people enjoying the last nice days. This lady was reading. There is mom searching for treasure.

I could have put down a blanket and sat there all day however.........
I had a yard full of golden leaves that had to be dealt with.
You couldn't tell this morning though. The yard is loaded again....a golden carpet. I find it an easier task if I keep them raked each day. Otherwise it is a back breaking job.

DH is off today so we are headed off for a ride through the country and then I must do some stitching. I hope you have a gorgeous day!


  1. Well, if you must rake the leaves, you could send them to me so that I could have some color here in Texas. Something besides green or brown, take your pick!

  2. Pat, What a glorious tree in your yard. I love your pics of the water too. I am huddled up sewing as it snows on the mountain top above me.BRRRRR!!!!:-0 Sharon

  3. Those autumn colour are amazing. We do have some of it here in Australia but you guys win.

  4. Ooooh the colours. I just love that. I enjoyed autumn in Japan years back. I always feel melancholy at autumn beacuse everything is dying down. I remember the gingko leaves. They were just all yellow and beautiful.

  5. The colors are amazing!
    I'm wroking on a quilt square for Monica for the Pink Art project and I think I have one of your squares! Did you do a "take flight" ? If so you set the theme!

  6. Pat you are so lucky to be able to collect sea glass as it is not available everywhere ... I can't find it near where I live on the east coast of Oz but I can find it where my daughter lives on the north-east coast of NZ ... strange thing how the tides carry it to different beaches ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

  7. Lovely post and still that most lovely music, Pat! Autumn is still the most amazing time of year.

    Kathy V in NM

  8. Pat, peaceful, beautiful music to accompany your beach strolling images...a perfect touch!

  9. Pat you are so loucky to live in such a glorious spot.. Love the beach.... It looks so peaceful, I can almost hear the movement of the water....Aren't you lucky to have your Mom nearby to spend time with...


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